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NARCS - photo from press release.
 A Leeds based alt-rock band consisting of Douglas Wilkinson (vocals and guitar), Joe Angus (guitar and backing vocals) Jon McLaughlin (bass and backing vocals) and Mark Stanley (drums) known as NARCS greeted us with their 5th release this morning.

Newest single 'Pig' was released via Clue Records and is accompanied by a demo called 'Ivy'.

Originally, the song was going to be called 'I Won't Kill The Pig, But I'll Eat The Meat'. However, this was deemed to be too long and was shortened to just 'Pig' which the band were later going to change, until a certain Tory's initiation task to get into the Bullingdon Club was made public. The band then thought this was a 'pretty ideal' name for the song.

Leeds based alt-rock band - photo from press release.

The song is an 'angst fulled blast in the vein of Eagulls, At The Drive In and Queens of the Stone Age.'

The backing story to this dark song so full of distress is disappointment which stems from the 'never meet your idols' phrase due to it being based around an anecdote of someone meeting their idol in a supermarket and being extremely upset by it.

Through this song the band depict individuals who wish to mould their idols after they met them and had a bad experience or heard of people who had done so and was left upset and angry over it.

One phrase which represents this is 'could I ever mould you?' which bound to be the thought process of someone who doesn't like the person they met.

Another phrase in the song is 'what's left of me' which is what was initially said by the idol to the fan in the anecdote.

This song is heavy due to the instrumentals and the voices of Douglas, Joe and Jon. It really helps you to understand the full extent of the distress which is being experienced.

It also gets you thinking. The first time I listened to this song without knowing the proper meaning, I focused hard on the lyrics and then tried to work out a meaning. After reading the proper meaning, it makes sense.

Overall I think it is a very good song and is quite accurate with its themes. Myself, hearing some bad experiences of people meeting their idols makes me not really want to ever meet any really big idols of mine. I feel like if I did this song would be totally applicable to me.

I feel it makes a song better and easier to be liked when a person can relate to it which I'm sure will be the case with 'Pig'. Well done NARCS.


NARCS also made a music video to go along with this song and when watched, can only be explained as having an out of this world experience - which could be linked to the name of the band. NARCS could be thought of as a shortened word for Narcotics, hence them producing such a trippy video.

The 'Pig' video starts off with a plain and to the point statement saying; ‘Warning: This video contains flashing images and stroboscopic sequences’ and is then cut out by black and white TV noise. 

The main premise of the video is sequences of harrowing footage of pain and distress of the person being so dissapointed about not meeting their idol and even though they have invested so much time into them, they can't do anything to change them. This all being put together with the song as non diagetic sound.
All the clips contain stroboscopic elements.They are very intense and powerful and seem to cut off the background video before it changes to the next. The video also contains basic CGI animation, by having hand drawn images being brought to life to add to the simple clips of walking through the wood.

Each clip either has a vintage or black and white filter explaining the past. Pig faces are brought up occasionally symbolising the song name. The name of the song was initially going to be called 'I Won't Kill The Pig, But I'll Eat The Meat' which the band thought was too long so shortened it to 'Pig'. As they were going to change it, the allegations made against David Cameron were made with the whole pig head incident and 'pretty ideal' to the band. Clips include a family – wearing a CGI animated illustration of a pig face. 

The video reminds me of something that would go through the mind of Kurt Cobain when making his videos for Nirvana sharing similar ideas and thoughts.
I love the fact that it’s so different from any other music video and the added drawings and strobe lighting make me feel as though the meaning is very personal and can be really  understood by people that can relate.

For the whole duration of the video my mind was always thinking and my favourite part was when the drawing of the girl with the crown holding a book and sat on a bench in the surroundings of a park. 

What interested me most was when the writing was brought up and because it was written backwards I had to concentrate more as to what it said. It read ‘omnia mutantur nihil interit’ – something I had no clue about and decided to research it, as I was interested as to what it brought to the song/video. I later found out that it was Latin for ‘everything changes’.
Having this as part of the video, I am keen to watch it over and over to see if I’m able to find more as there are so many things to focus on and having watched it many times I am able to notice the mental and physical emotion that the song brings to the video.

Towards the ending of the video, the clips speed up as if they are in fast forward, possibly meaning a thought process getting out of control and the strobe lighting is getting even more intense, which makes the viewer feel the confusion and distress. The last 40 seconds or so show all animated scenes which brings a haunted message saying 'Whats Left Of Me' as though it has been scratched out. The actual ending shows black and white noise panning out to show the noise on a TV with the message 'Whats Left Of Me' behind it.

The video along with the song gives the cold-hearted message (as said by guitarist - Joe) that idols can't be moulded.  

 I am very impressed with so many elements of this video and I am also a big fan of the song itself and can’t wait to see/hear more from them.

2016 tour poster!

Single section written by Sophie.
Video section written by - Meg x

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