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CABEZUDOS - photo credit to Dave Hudson.
from left to right - Chris, Harry, Jack and Tom.
CABEZUDOS are a Liverpudlian rock band consisting of Jack Hughes (vocalist), Chris Bolton (guitarist), Tom Maher (bassist) and Harry Strachan (drummer).

With their primary influences ranging from that of Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Black Sabbath, The Rolling Stones to The Beach Boys, they consider their branch of rock to be 'art rock' however they 'find a difficulty' in finding a specific branch of rock to which they fit.

Starting out only 9 months ago, this band with members aged 18 years up to 21 years have made rather an impressive and fast start to their musical career. 

In 2015 the boys played X&Y Festival and they launched their first EP 'She Waits' to a nearly sold out The Zanzibar in Liverpool.

This EP is made up of 4 different tracks; 'She Waits', 'Foolish', 'I've Never Seen' and 'Could You Be Wrong?'

The mixture of these songs together provides a very good representation of Cabezudos' style. 

There is a variation within the EP. One obvious variant throughout is the tempo of the songs. The first song which gave the EP its name, 'She Waits' is quite a fast song compared to 'Foolish' which follows, the slowed tempo surrounding 'Foolish' creates the impression it is a song filled with emotion.

Next comes 'I've Never Seen' which after 'Foolish' also seems like a fast song as the tempo increases before yet again we are greeted with a slow 'Could You Be Wrong?'

The band were clever in the way that they chose the order of the songs, to not have two fast songs and two slow songs together makes for a good change while listening.

As the first song is fast you may expect the rest to follow on in the same way but that is not the case.

Another variant within the EP comes with the last song, there is a change within Jack's voice which suits the slowness very much.

I do like this release a lot, not only is it good lyrically but it is great instrumentally. 

I definitely recommend taking a listen to Cabezudos if you get the chance.

I look forward to hearing what else this band have to offer.

Upcoming Tour Dates:
Liverpool Rocks Battle of the Bands at East Village Arts Club - 27/02/2016
O2 Academy Liverpool (supporting ALXNDR) - 19/04/2016

Written by Sophie.

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