Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Review of 'A Wise Man Said / Back to Yours' by Sisteray - 25/02/2016

SISTERAY - photo credit to Albert Jagger.
From left to right - Dan, Niall, Marco and Mike.

SISTERAY are an indie-rock band, from Camden. Made up of; Niall Rowan - vocals, Dan Connelly - guitar, Mike Hanrahan - bass guitar and Marco Polo - drums.

We were sent two songs by the band 'Back to Yours' and 'A Wise Man Said' - as part of their new Double A Side Single. Hearing these for the very first time has given me an instant love for the band.

'A Wise Man Said' - the first track on this single was recently added to the Radio X Evening Playlist. 

I think it can be very difficult for a song to grab a listener so quickly, especially when it's the first time hearing the music, but these two songs have proved me wrong and I find myself already singing along to the chorus.

This is an indie rock band that are not shy about adding a slight punkiness into their songs, especially towards one track on this new single.

Both songs are very well written - you can tell by listening that there is a story being told and lyrically mean something to the band which can also relate to the listeners. Back to Yours  is quite slow paced compared to A Wise Man Said which is at a much faster pace. Having said that both songs are equally very catchy and can imagine they would fit perfectly into songs suited for mosh pits. You can also clearly hear the London twang to Niall's voice which I like because I feel it adds uniqueness and instant background to the band as whole. What I also love, is the simplicity of the band - four guys and four instruments but can produce such amazing sounds that work amazingly together.

This new single was produced by Rory Atwell, who has worked with the likes of Palma Violets and The Vaccines. Listening to Back to Yours, I hear parts that do remind me of Palma Violets but doesn't come across as a spin off of their music, it's completely Sisteray's style which is something I admire when it comes to song writing and producing.

Overall I am very impressed with this new single and will undoubtedly have this single bought, as well as being part of my beloved Spotify playlist.

Sisteray's new single can be streamed now on SoundCloud and will be officially released tomorrow on all major platforms (26/02/2016).!music/ctjm

- Meg x

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