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OCTOBER DRIFT Headline Promotion Poster
 The Guinness Festival took place on Devonshire Green in Sheffield last night.
Due to the festival being a free event on a Saturday night, it was rather busy.
Music fans young and old gathered in the big white tent which shares a location with the main stage of the cities infamous Tramlines Festival.
While at the evening festival I managed to catch the psychotic pop styled Faerground Accidents members Bomar Faery and Murray Fenton who channelled a David Bowie vibe so it was only fitting that they were to finish their set with one of his best known songs. Next up was Sabella, a four-piece Sheffield based band who reminded me of the Alternative / Britpop band The Courteeners with a rockier edge. Before October Drift hit the stage came the Sheffield based five-piece Avida Dollars who with their alternative, punky sound reminded me some what of Pulled Apart by Horses.
The line up for this festival was well chosen, there was a lot of variety within the five bands that played which meant it appealed to more than just a specific genre loving group. It allowed people to perhaps listen to bands of genres they maybe hadn't done before.
OCTOBER DRIFT - credit to Portia Saunders
from left to right - Dan, Kiran, Chris and Alex
OCTOBER DRIFT, the four-piece band from Taunton, Somerset who are now based both there and in Sheffield headlined The Guinness Festival last night.
These rising newcomers exploded onto the music scene in early 2015 causing them to gain a strong word of mouth following.
The Southern band consisting of Kiran Roy (vocals/guitar), Daniel Young (guitar), Alex Bispham (bass) and Chris Holmes (drums/backing vocals) have gained a reputation for their high-energy surrounded live shows.
The band sold out their first tour before their first single was released due to loyal fans from their days as The Darlingtons and new fans from this strong word of mouth following.
So far they have presented 'a strong DIY ethos' which is own by them recording all their own songs in their own studio and even hand-making their own merchandise.
Throughout 2015, the organic approach of the band caused them to shun all social media which was a brave choice for the band, but the outcome of the following they gained showed that it wasn't really necessary for them to have social media in the beginning.
Since I first met the band in 2014, they have progressed so much. Still producing excellent music however music which is more advanced in their alternative genre. Their live shows becoming increasingly electric in all aspects possible.
OCTOBER DRIFT are set to head out on tour later this month -
credit to Portia Saunders
from left to right - Dan, Chris, Kiran and Alex
Right from the off this band are incredibly present both on and off the stage.
With lead singer Kiran taking to the floor amongst the audience, standing on speakers and bombarding around the stage with fellow members.
Dan and Alex throwing themselves around making the most of all space they have been given, their hair constantly flipping back and forth being the main identifier of this.
Chris providing solid drumming constantly throughout showing although he cannot move around, he is very much present and in the moment.
Even when the band 'slowed it down' for their You Are, You Are B-side 'Lost', they still managed to upkeep exactly what it is that has them selling out UK tours and has landed them a sold out date at Leadmill, Sheffield next month.
The high-energy performance of the band is always picked up by their crowds represented in lyrics being sang by individuals within the audience as well as shoes tapping and heads banging to the strong beat being released from the speakers.
The boys of October Drift also partake in crowd interaction which is something I like a lot about them, some bands just perform and never make any attempt to properly address the crowd and make them feel like the band are making an effort but this isn't the case here.
The boys of the band exceeding themselves yet again!
From on stage crowd addressing to taking the time before the gig and after the gig to talk to those who have attended to see them.
This is one thing that made me like this four-piece for more than just their music, the first time I saw them live they all took a lot of time to talk to me and my friend who they had never met before, after I got the courage to say hello following conversations on Twitter and it then caused my friend to say hello too in a sort of contagious nature, which seemed fitting since in those The Darlington days they had a song called 'Contagious, Courageous' which yes, is where the name of this blog came from.
Don't Give Me Hope Intro
Throughout the entire performance these boys definitely put on a show, their impeccable vocals and instrumentals would do that alone but October Drift are not and don't ever seem (due to previous times I've seen them) to be a band to do things half heartedly.
No matter how tired or worn out they feel, they somehow muster up the energy which you want to see a band have when they are giving a live performance.
Last night they played mostly new songs which had already been released but they did add a few extras both not yet released and from before the days as October Drift.
You Are, You Are
Don't Give Me Hope
Losing Touch
Comes Easy
The Past
 If you did not manage to see them at the festival, not to worry! They are heading out on a UK tour at the end of this month. If you do not have tickets, I definitely recommend you purchase some now!

UK March/April Tour Dates

You can pre-order the bands next single here:
Written by Sophie.  

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