Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Live Review of The SSS at The Leadmill - Sheffield - 20/03/16


The SSS are a Sheffield band, formed in 2013 and are made up of; Josh Coddington - singer, Tom Forster - guitarist, Morgan Somers - guitarist, Cal Atherton - bassist and Max Smith - Drummer and last night was said to be one of their biggest gigs yet.

I was kindly invited to see the band play at the Leadmill and was very interested to see what the band would be like. Prior to the gig, I purposely didn't listen to the bands music as I wanted to be able to hear their talent for the first time live. Being a Sheffield band, there are obviously high expectations as Sheffield holds some of my favourite bands (Arctic Monkeys and While She Sleeps). I was not let down and my expectations were beaten.

As soon as the band were due to be on, the venue began to fill up with a selection of fans and what seemed to be a lot of their friends coming to support them. I comfortably got myself to the front so I could get a real good look at the band.

The 45 minute set was filled with so much energy and each and every song had 110% put into it from every member. The first song and the amazing cover of '99 Red Balloons' brought in two more people to add to the band, a drummer and a keyboard player. I really loved how the stage was filled with some many people without it looking crowded and cramped. You could tell that every band member was having the time of their life on that stage and that rubbed off onto the crowd.

My favourite song from the whole set would have to of been 'Juvenile Love' because it started off with Josh singing alone with just his acoustic guitar, towards the middle they brought in all the other members and made it so uplifting and you could tell the crowd were enjoying it also.

 I found all the songs extremely catchy and are ones that I would search for a re-listen to as they seem to be those kind of songs that put you in a great mood.

Overall I thought the band were exceptional, you could tell the crowd were absolutely loving it, especially when singing along to some of the songs. The stage presence was so chilled and the entertainment from the lead singer Josh was funny and made you feel like part of them.

Thankyou to The SSS for inviting me to the sold out gig, I had an amazing night. Having the opportunity to play at The Leadmill is a great experience and I hope for more big things to happen in the near future. 

- Meg x

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