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A REVIEW OF 'Hidden Horror Dance EP' BY THE BLINDERS - 05/03/2016

THE BLINDERS at Social Bar, Doncaster
Photo credit to Sam Crowston

Tom Haywood (vocalist/guitarist), Charlie McGough (bassist) and Matt Neale (drummer) are the alternative three-piece band from Doncaster who are now based in Manchester are the ones known as The Blinders.

This punkadelic trio are the first three-piece that I ever saw live and they showed me that three-pieces work and they work well especially when live.

The Blinders were expected to be releasing their EP last September but this was not the case. However this allowed the band more time to work on this project and for the outcome of this EP, it was a good choice to wait.

When you think of an unsigned bands EP, you don't tend to think that it will be very good. If you listened to the EP of the Blinders without knowing anything about them, you would think that they were signed and you definitely would not expect this to be their first EP.
Both the lyrics and instrumentals of the band are separately excellent.

In the back from left to right - Matt and Charlie
In the front - Tom
Hidden Horror Dance consists of four songs; 84, ICB Blues, Murder At The Ballet and You're So Cold.

This EP is consistent with the other music of Blinders in terms of the vocals, the endless riffs and strong drumming. This is shown perfectly in 84.

As the EP continues it shows that perhaps this band are not just aiming for one sound with their music, with 84 being quite fast, ICB Blues seems to be fairly slow in comparison with Murder At The Ballet and You're so Cold being even slower still.

The change in speeds that the band have experimented with have worked really well.
Slower songs were not something I particularly expected to be on this Hidden Horror Dance but I am glad that this was the case.

Recently, Blossoms released a new EP and I feel that the way that EP was constructed is similar to the way of this from Blinders. With one fast song and the other three getting gradually slower.

Hidden Horror Dance EP Artwork.
The lyrics of the songs are more relatable to those around the same age as the band - which is their niche audience, however older people would find it relatable to their youth.
I'm glad the lyrics are ones which I can relate to because it honestly does make me like a song more.

If I find it difficult to relate to a song or understand, then I don't usually like to listen to it as much and this is a shame if I like the band who's song it is.This is similar to when a band releases new songs but sound exactly the same as other song from previous releases. There is no progression within their music, this is not the case with this new EP. 

This is the reason I am glad that the Blinders experimented with tempos because although I love their previous songs and would have liked the new ones to be like them. I think it shows that the band are progressing when they return with a different sound. Even if it is just a little different.

My personal favourite song from this EP has to be ICB Blues. It is great to finally hear it recorded after hearing it live multiple times.

Overall I think this is an excellent release to which the boys of the band have done themselves proud. It has already received a good reception from fans, friends and family members of the band.

I am excited to now hear more from The Blinders and I'm sure you would be too if you gave it a listen which you can do so below! You definitely won't regret it.
The boys have a few gig dates coming up soon;
 The Kings Arms, Salford - Friday 11th March
Plug, Sheffield, Friday 18th March
Fibbers, York - Friday 1st April
Festivile at Vintage Rockbar, Doncaster - Sunday 17th April
Social Bar, Doncaster - Friday 13th of May

With fans of the boys being based around these areas or being prone to travel to see them live, be sure to expect a raucous crowd and a brilliant set from the boys as they show you what a great stage presence they have.
If you get a chance, get down to one of these shows!

Crowd-surfer at a Blinders gig at Social!
Credit to Sam Crowston

Written by Sophie and Megan.

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