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A REVIEW OF 'Lost My Job, Have No Money Please Give EP' BY SAINTS - 24/03/2016

SAINTS live at Social Bar
Recently, I feel there is a well-needed slight lease of life being given to the Doncaster music scene in the form of a few specific bands and artists.
One of these bands being Saints, a 'sludge pop' band made up of three teens - Alex Taylor Rave (vocals/guitar), Jack Byrne (bass) and Ben Hallett (drums).
This trio who are demonstrating a fusion of the 'dirty sound of grunge' and the 'pretty melody side of pop' have recently released their EP 'Lost My Job, Have No Money Please Give' in physical form (CDs) but are yet to release it online on a date yet to be confirmed by the band.

EP Artwork

The first time I listened to the four track EP I was blown away, one song in I told my friend she must listen to them straight away.

Saints are with their 'sludge pop' sound bringing something new, a great mix of pop and grunge within the same song is not something you hear a lot of and these boys manage this with every song on the EP.

It is clear a lot of passion has been put into the writing and producing these songs and that can be picked up on straight away.

Each song beginning with wonderful riffs soon joined by powerful drumming, these boys though young execute their songs greatly and make it very apparent that they know exactly what they want to achieve in terms of the sound of their music.

 'Lost My Job, Have No Money Please Give' is an EP which I feel if you sat someone down and asked them to listen giving them no prior information about the band, then afterwards told them this band are collectively no older than 18, are unsigned, this is their debut EP and are from a place where the music scene had previously died they would be shocked because their is definitely something special about Saints.

Throughout this EP there aren't many moments when I thought 'these guys sound like ....' but in the middle section of 'Gravel On The Wall' there is something in lead singer Alex's voice which just says Kurt Cobain, he has such a raw raspy voice at times and joint with the instrumentals it is quite excellent.

Although all songs on this release are 'sludge pop' sounding, some are more grungy than the others and some more poppy. This mixes things up a bit especially with both of the genres being so different normally. I feel more people should be willing to experiment, especially when with bands such as Saints doing so and it working out so well.

The songs written are ones which Saints' fans can relate to in their own way due to them being of around the same age and it not just being meaningless drabble, they have thought about the lyrics carefully.

I think the sound of Saints is something in which they would want to listen to themselves from a band they are fans of and this means that their friends like what they produce due to them all having such a similar music taste.

For a first EP I think it is superb and the boys of Saints should be proud of it. I am looking forward to what else they have to offer as I am sure it will be of the same standard or even better.

You can catch the band live on:
Saturday 26th March at The Woolpack for Veristas Festival
Friday 13th May at Social Bar alongside The Blinders
Friday 20th May at The Leopard supporting Steel Trees

You can listen to track 3 of the EP now on SoundCloud and I highly recommend you do.

Written by Sophie.

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