Thursday, 31 March 2016

A REVIEW OF 'Rip Me Apart' BY SCOUT KILLERS - 31/03/2016

SCOUT KILLERS - photo credit to Nigel Hitchings
from left to right - Scott, Beau, Julien, Josh and Chris
SCOUT KILLERS are an alternative guitar driven rock band from Bath.
Consisting of Scott Cox (vocals), Julien Morrez (guitar&vocals), Beau Stevens (guitar), Josh Ellis (bass) and Chris Phillips (drums) this band have just released their latest single and are now due to head out on tour which commences on 3rd April.
Since their acclaimed EP was released 2014, named ‘Stand Your Ground’ the band have partaken in extensive touring which has allowed them to gain a lot of loyal fans.
This year we can expect more than just this latest single ‘Rip Me Apart’ from Scout Killers due to them being fresh out of the studio after recording new material ready to be unleashed throughout 2016.

Sunset backdrop - photo credit to Kerry Steven
This song which gets off to a slow start begins really well with a synth beginning mixed with the vocals quickly to be met with the crashing of symbols and then the guitars are introduced.
The vocals are really clear and slow, this fits with the name of the song really well.
'Rip Me Apart' is something which before listening to the song could be taken in a number of ways. It could be quite a dark song or it could be about something quite sad, especially with the name Scout Killers for the band.
The song itself to me seemed to be about not knowing the truth about something after so many lies and having those lies destroy you internally, eventually leading to you feeling like you are being ripped apart.
It seems that the couple within the lyrics split up and one member still thinks about the other and the truth will still not be faced. That person was ripped apart and is still being ripped apart because they are still unaware of what the truth they speak of is.
This song isn't something I've really listened to before due to all of the synth Scout Killers use with their guitar and drumming which gets heavier in the chorus.
The lyrics are so defined and with other alternative guitar driven bands, they do not usually sing lyrics in that way. This makes them different.
I love it when although bands are considered to be a different genre they create things and ways to make themselves different which allow them to stand out.
This song made me want to listen to more from Scout Killers and it did not make me disappointed.
It has made me excited to hear some more from this band as I'm sure that will not disappoint either.
Following this review the band are going to go on tour and you can catch them with their support of The Loose Out and Amongst Thieves:

Tour poster

You can give this new single a listen here:
If you purchase the single through bandcamp you will also receive a free bonus track so get buying!
Written by Sophie.

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