Wednesday, 9 March 2016

A Review of 'The Sound Of Victory' by Native Kings - 09/03/16

NATIVE KINGS - photo credit to Shannen Bamford
From left to right - Scott, Cameron, David
Scouse trio, Native Kings are an alt rock genre who all met at University - originally a 5 piece with another guitarist and different vocalist to the one they currently have. Today the band consists of Cameron Warren - vocals/guitar/vox, David Knowles - bass and Scott Harrold - drums.
The band has ventured their energetically filled live shows all over the UK and has shared stages with bands such as Funeral for a Friend, Johnny Foreigner, The Dune Rats and Slaves. They also released their new single 'The Sound Of Victory' on the 26th February.
I did't know what to expect when I first came across this band and their music, as I saw that they were named as an alt rock band - the likes of Red Hot Chili Pepper and Radiohead also carried that genre name and was interested in hearing how similar yet original this band could be - I was not disappointed. 
The Sound of Victory artwork
The intro to the song is so different and instantly grabs your attention, it's a tune that is so original and you can tell that the rest will be so uplifting. 
Throughout the song, elements of the backing sound which comes through every now and again and is quite prominent, I'd be interested in finding out of the backing music is done manually when performing live.
The whole tune emphasises the name 'The Sound Of Victory' because it's so powerful and a song people would definitely enjoy hearing live, as so much energy would fill the venue.

You can clearly hear each instrument. Sometimes instruments can be drowned out, which I feel is sometimes achieved because the voice would be the main focus, I am glad to be able to hear everything because it shows how talented this trio are.
I am able to hear elements of punk rock as the song comes towards the end, which I like in a song, that there are elements of different genres - besides the main genre that can actually work well together without sounding like 2 different songs.
The fact that the band have supported the ever so amazing Slaves - a band I have seen and loved, putting Native Kings and Slaves together at a gig would be one worth every penny.
When going to a gig, the support is always the ones that you either take to instantly, or are waiting patiently until the main act starts. I am a big fan of watching support acts because they are of the same nature as the main act so you are able to have more variety of bands/artists who write/ produce the same sort of music. I love listening to new bands live.
I very much am looking forward to hearing from these lads soon and hopefully get the opportunity to 
see them live. 
- Meg x

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