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Review of 'Another Record Sleeve EP' by Mosley Bar 27/03/16


Mosley Bar are a 4 piece indie band from the North West of England (Skemersdale). The band consists of Ryan Ward - vocals/guitar, Tim Williams - bass, Adam Eccleston - guitar and Matthew Wright - drums.

They released their debut single 'Record Sleeve' in October 2015 and received local BBC introducing play as well as playing the BBC introducing stage in Preston for BBC Radio Lancashire in January.

Even though the band are aged between 17 - 20, they have been described as 'a band well versed in the art of mainstream indie/pop rock but our intricately layered tracks have got an individualism that sets their sound apart, giving them an identity of their own' - a statement that I completely agree with.

Having listened to their 4 track EP I found a band that is everything I want from music and more with the uplifting bonus of pure talent. 

Risk - This song is one of my favorites from the EP as it's fast and upbeat from the get go. I love how you can clearly hear the bass because it gives the song depth and can usually be drowned out by the other instruments. The chorus is unbelievably catchy and is short and sweet. The song - as the title states, is telling me about risk and how it can go right or wrong. Sometimes you have to take that risk with no way of knowing how it will end up. Just like the chorus, the song is short and sweet but I think the duration is just right for the song as it's so uplifting.

Record Sleeve - Their debut single is much more slower than risk but the music behind it is still intense and sounds so good,especially the vocals that Ryan holds. The way this song is sung makes me feel as though there is a deeper meaning and from listening, lyrics such as 'It can never be simple, I never intended it to be easy on me' gives the song a wider variation of something that any listener can relate to and not just a particular subject. Them lyrics that were stuck in my head throughout the whole listening of the song. I feel that having songs with meaningful statements of thought can give people peace of mind when listening to this song.

Rendezvous - From listening to the first couple of lines of this song, it instantly reminded me of Catfish and The Bottlemen from the way it was written but of course there was uniqueness right throughout. This song to me, talks about never being good enough for someone and you are constantly putting yourself down to please this person - to an extent that you're not yourself anymore. This meaning it very touching as I feel it's something that a lot of people go through and experience and the fact that it's written in a song could make people feel more aware and are able to do something about it - which is something that makes song writing and music so powerful.

The World and I - Last but not least, this song adds subtle harmonies, something that were not clear in the other songs but I feel work better towards this track as you can hear the acoustic guitar and just overall works in the way it's written and played. The guitar riffs are great throughout and are really clear. Listening to this song there is more of defined meaning and thoughts come into mind of a guys situation with a girl that he subsequently wants to be with, they both feel that everything is normal within the relationship but other people are getting involved and portraying them to be toxic together, the worlds opinion against what he actually knows - hence 'The World and I.

I enjoyed listening to these songs as they are all so unique from one another but work together well as an EP. I like the way they are written as listeners can interpret their own meaning to what the song is about, there can be so many meanings and is whatever the listener is feeling/thinking at that moment and it seems to fit.

Mosley Bar have so much diversity and can use any situation and turn it into an amazing song. This band deserve so much more recognition as the quality of their music is exceptional. I am so glad I was able to listen to this EP and can't wait for it to be released and can hopefully see them live.

'Another Record Sleeve EP' will be released on the 18th April and is to be released on all digital platforms as well as a physical CD.

- Meg x

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