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Review of 'The One' by Casual Agenda 13/03/16

CASUAL AGENDA - photo credit to Dom Graham
From left to right - Peter 'pedro' Roper, Joe Service and Dan Bott
The 3 piece 'mod rock and roll' band from Walsall, known as Casual Agenda are made up of Peter Roper - guitar/vocals, Joe Service - Bass and Dan Bott - drums. The band was formed in 2012 - Dan joining the duo the following year.

The bands latest single 'The One' was released on the 20th November 2015 along with a music video which I think reflects the nature of the song very well.

Instantly listening to 'The One' I can hear elements of Arctic Monkeys running through but without trying to be like them. You can tell that there is a lot of influence from them that has helped with Casual Agenda's identity. Having said this, it's apparent that there a parts of the songs, especially the instrumental towards at the end, that sound indie with the guitar as the main focus and the bass and drum assisting. The song is very upbeat due to the tune and the pitch of the vocals, even though the meaning intends not to be. 

The chorus being repetitive makes the words stick in your head - something I fell the band want to embed in you all most like a rhetorical question , especially if the song relates to you, it's something that you can remember and take from. I believe the song - to me - is about perspective and putting certain life aspects into question to whether it's want you want or what you're genuinely happy with.

The vocal ability from Peter 'pedro' is really enjoyable to listen to and almost has that seamless sort of voice - something that makes his vocals so different . I also really like during the chorus, the repetitive 'Is this the one' is sung by all 3 members, something I don't hear very often, I find it rare that the drummer partakes in vocals but I think it's great.

- Meg x

Check out the music video for 'The One' here -

'The One' is avalible to purchase on iTunes and Amazon -

Upcoming gigs; 
JJM Studios - Walsall - Fri 18th March
Fleecetonberry - Sat 26th March
Rocking Chair - Sheffield - Fri 15th April
Great Escape Festival - Brighton - Sat 21st May
Shed Heaven Festival - Sat 25th June
Osfest - Derby - Sat 16th June
Great Mod and Ska Festival - Bedale - Sat 27th August

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