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Review of 'Promise' by Hester and Holly Rose - 18/03/16

From left to right - Chloe (aka Holly Rose) and Reuben (aka Hester)
Hester and Holly Rose are an alternative folk pop duo who have known each other for two years. The two have been a duo formed in February last year after deciding to collab and write music and to later tour round Berlin and other parts of Europe. They are currently in the process of changing from folk to acoustic as the band want to branch out and experiment with new genres, having their music tastes being a lot different to each other.

Hester and Holly Rose are due to release their debut single 'Promise' on the 25th March through independent record label Playing with Sound.

The first time hearing this song was the acoustic version at Coffee House Sessions and it instantly made me realise what outstanding vocals and harmonies they both have. After listening to the recorded version as well I still had the same view of it having outstanding vocals. The song is so comforting and just lovely to listen to even though the meaning may not be of the same nature.

The acoustic version of 'Promise' -

From reading an interview, the duo explained the meaning behind the song. They said that the song isn't related to them, but the still means a lot to them. The story is something that they made up; a prostitute who falls in love with a guy that she meets on the streets and she fantasises over how he could save her. It is basically about the harsh reality of life and unfortunately for the girl is that it's all and dream and none of it is real.

Even though the song does not relate to either of them, however it still means a lot to them as there normal routine for song writing would be writing the song and then create a meaning towards the lyrics afterwards - this mainly will mean that it relates a lot to other people than it does to them.

'Promise' Single Artwork

I really appreciate that, for the people who can relate it, in more ways than one, can listen to it and find light of a bad situation. The song doesn't reveal a happy ending but the way they use their voices with the guitar and the tone that they have chosen makes it sound really lovely and would be a song that would make someone feel good or relaxed, whether they really listen to the meaning of the lyrics or not.

The songs that I have heard from this duo are songs that I wouldn't normally listen to however, having the chance to listen to the work of Hester and Holly Rose has broadened my knowledge in music and they both and definitely gained a new fan.

Hester and Holly Rose have just completed their UK tour through February and March so hopefully they will tour again very soon.

- Meg x

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