Sunday, 10 April 2016

A Review of 'Apple Eye' by Casual Agenda 10/04/16

CASUAL AGENDA - photo credit to Dom Graham
From left to right - Dan Bott, Peter 'Pedro' Roper and Joe Service

The Walsall trio are back with their newest single 'Apple Eye'. Nearing a month ago I reviewed 'The One' - a song that I very much enjoy listening to, so having listened to this band before, I was eager to hear more.

To recap, if it's the first time hearing of this band and their music, Casual Agenda are a 3 piece mod rock and roll band from the West Midlands who formed in 2012. The band is made up of Peter Roper - guitar/vocals, Joe Service - bass and Dan Bott - drums. 

First time listening to this song, I felt it to be quite heartfelt in terms of the tune, the use of the acoustic guitar and the general tone being mellow and easy to listen to but still with the amazing instrumental ability that each band member hold.

The vocals as I mentioned in their last song are enjoyable to listen to, especially being so soft and fitting to the essence of the song.

The instrumental break shows off the amazing guitar playing ability but still keeping it at the same tone to again fit with the song. 

Along with this song comes a music video to which I also watched. I thought it fitted perfectly with the type of song and meaning it had around it. Something I mentioned in the last post, the nature of the song and the video fit very well together.

The use of the photo frames with cut out sections of instruments and faces in the music video are a feature and idea I've not come across before and keeps you watching. It's quite a simple concept, but it really works for this song.

This band are very consistent when it comes to music writing/producing and music videos, that I can't wait for more. 

- Meg x

Casual Agenda are playing a sold out gig at the Rocking Chair in Sheffield this Friday! (15/04/16) 

'Apple Eye' is available to purchase on iTunes and Amazon - 

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