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A REVIEW OF 'Black Cats and White Elephants' BY DEAD BELLES - 10/04/2016

DEAD BELLES - photo credit to Angel Michaelides
from left to right - Tony, Zakk and Dave
DEAD BELLES formed back in late 2014.
The band consists of Zakk Dodd (vocals and guitar), Tony Zemaitis (bass) and Dave Cowell (drums and backing vocals).
In the last year, these boys have spent a tremendous amount of time and effort on writing and recording their debut EP which features their debut single, 'This Machines Electric' which is currently available for streaming via Soundcloud.
 This debut EP from the South-East London/Kent based three-piece band 'Black Cats and White Elephants' is set to be officially released on the 16th April (Record Store Day).
Both of these release shows will add to the mammoth amount of shows that they have already played around London and the Home Counties. They also, just last year, played the first ever 'Waterfall Festival' in Amsterdam.
I previously reviewed the single 'This Machines Electric' which features on this EP and it gave me high hopes for the rest of the EP.
The rest of the EP did not disappoint.
The reason I loved 'This Machines Electric' was because they sounded punky and full of energy, every song on the EP seems to be executed the same way.
Sometimes I feel like bands desperately need to maybe grow and progress as they release more and more music but I am glad that Dead Belles have stuck to the same punky sound with minimal changes as I like it very much.

This London-based three-piece have found a sound for which definitely works for them and it is shown through this EP, Zakk and Dave's vocals go perfectly alongside the brilliant instrumentals.
 The tempo and style of these songs through from the vocals to the guitar and bass to the drums, there is no doubt in my mind that these songs would provide Dead Belles with an excellent chance to play a truly crazy gig - particularly Live By The Sea.
I am now looking forward to what else Dead Belles deliver musically while I hope they visit Yorkshire for a gig so I can catch them live!
I highly recommend that on 16th April you listen to this EP as I'm sure you will enjoy it as much as I have!
You can catch Dead Belles live:
At their EP release show in East London (The George Tavern) on 16th April
At the World Earth Day Charity Gig in Camden (Our Black Heart) on 22nd April
At the The Great Escape Festival in Brighton on 19th May
At The Verve Bar in Leeds on 21st May
At The Mash House in Edinburgh on 22nd May

For now, take a listen to the first track on the EP 'This Machines Electric' here:

Written by Sophie. 

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