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A Review of 'Fortune Favours The Brave' by Inherit the Stars - 02/04/16

INHERIT THE STARS - photo credit to Adam Henson

Inherit the Stars are a fast - rising Sheffield band, that are not afraid of pushing the boundaries of modern post-hardcore. The band is made up of Daniel Jeffrey - vocals, Chris Brayshaw - guitar, Lewis Wild - bass and newest member Marc Wragg - drums.

The Sheffield band brought out an EP called 'Beyond the Beacons' in 2014 and gained support from popular music magazines such as Kerrang!. They spent the majority of last year on British tours, various festival appearances and opening gigs for the likes of Funeral For A Friend and We Are The Ocean.

Fortune Favours The Brave is the bands first single of 2016 (releasing on the 25th January) along with music video and was produced by Jim Pinder - who is also linked with While She Sleeps.

Single Artwork

The name itself brings out positive and uplifting vibes and reminds me of a heroic film trilogy. From the very start of the song, I instantly notice the hardcore musical aesthetic. The introduction showed off that the rockers had such great talent and portrayed the genre very well - a genre of music I have a soft spot for. 

The song uses traditional features of rock as well as modern style which works together very well and makes the song so unique. I think experimenting with different styles and formats can produce music that can attract a wider audience as well as their niche.

The powerful and intense vocals from Daniel are vocals that are exceptionally hard to beat and exceed to such a high level. The aggressive style is also mixed with a soft melodic voice within the chorus which is very different as it shows off various abilities of Daniel's vocals but work very well together to attain the subject of the song which is doing whatever is possible to achieve your dreams.

As this is the first single, I hope more great music comes from them soon which could lead on to make a kick ass album.

- Meg x

Fortune Favours The Brave is available in iTunes now! -

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