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A REVIEW OF 'Greetings From EP' by Holiday Home - 29/04/2016

From left to right - Tim and Harry
 This two-piece band formed by Harry Willicombe and Tim Stamper are a Manchester based band met at university, Harry originally coming from Cardiff and Tim being from the suburbs of Epsom.

Within this band an incredible amount of potential is being demonstrated by these boys by between the two of them they are presenting the full jobs of a four piece band within just the two of them with Harry being the lead vocalist and guitarist and Tim being the lead guitarist, bassist, drummer and backing singer for the tracks.

The boys formed this band alongside MG to create themselves a DIY haven of lazy sun drenched slack-pop for everyone and anyone if they ever find themselves feeling grey, gloomy or bored it is there for them to just swing on by.
The boys of Holiday Home

Before listening to any of the songs from this five track EP, I thought the songs would be slightly upbeat and would be ones that would make me wish it was Summer already.
Slacker-pop is what these boys tell you, you should expect their music and slacker-pop is exactly what the music from this band is.
For the most part I did feel like that, I think the main reason behind this was the way that the instrumentals are extremely light and the way that the vocals have been recorded. It is something which has quickly made me really like this EP, I think one reason for this is the fact that currently I am sat in my kitchen with the rain hitting against my window.
Although the lyrics are slow and not very upbeat and at some points in the songs the instrumentals are the same (for the most part however this is not the case).
The boys of this band clearly planned out the sound they were going to go with before they even chose the name for the band, or perhaps they wrote the songs and then chose the name. Either way, the name clearly reflects the name of the band perfectly.
You expect songs with a Summery vibe and that is exactly what you get.
I think my favourite song from this EP is definitely 'Clueless'. The second shortest song on the EP, this song has soft vocals alongside defined guitars and it makes both stand out more and it does work really well. Usually when you get slow songs the whole song is quite slow but this song differs, its slow but with the additions they've put to the vocals and the guitar the song is still giving off a summery feel and this is something I like very much.
The other songs on this EP; 'Holiday Home', 'So Fresh, So Easy', 'Wish You Were Here' and 'A Little Bit Of Sun (Don't Even)' all complete the theme which you expect.
All with different voice clips added in, some from films and some from songs which are all revolving holidays it seems the boys thought the production of this EP through well. They seem like quite simple songs to listen to but ones which when you take more time to think about it would have taken a lot of time to actually produce due to the recording of vocals and instrumentals and then the other aspects which were added.

With only two members and a lot of aspects in their songs (vocals, instrumentals and the actual production) it would be easy for these songs to sound a little messy and not greatly produced in parts but that isn't the case at all.
This release is one which has made me look forward to some more releases of this band in the future.
As the rain outside gets worse, boys of Holiday Home - I love your music but I hate you because I know wish it was Summer even more than I did before.

An artist's interpretation of the band and their music.
You can listen to the EP below:

 Written by Sophie.

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