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A REVIEW OF 'If You See Me Standing There, Don't' BY WAX AGE - 19/04/2016

WAX AGE - photo credit to Handwritten Photography
From left to right - Chris, James, Dan and Luke.

 WAX AGE are a four-piece band from the 'leafy' town of Epsom who formed in the Spring of 2015.
Since 2016 commenced the boys have released their latest single 'If You See Me Standing There, Don't' and have done a number of gigs in their local area and London.
The band which consists of Luke Giles (vocals & guitar), Dan Sampayo (guitar), James Throp (bass) and Chris Syder (drums) are looking to release some more tracks within the next few months.

The boys in the band - photo credit to Handwritten Photography
From left to right - James, Luke, Chris and Dan
The track 'If You See Me Standing There, Don't' is one which has quite an upbeat, poppy sound about it but the voice of Luke doesn't really reflect the upbeat nature. However like some other bands who have carried out the songs the same way, it works and works rather well.
They have clearly thought about the main sound they are aiming for because this style of song is the same in their other release - Disillusion.
To me, the basis of the song was about being trapped in life. This came from the lyrics 'this crowded room, makes me lose my sight, I can't seem to find my way out but I hope I do before the night gets out' I feel as though this is maybe the boys of the band stating that they are wishing to escape from their lives and go somewhere else but currently, they just cannot see a way to do so and it is kind of making them lose their way in life / a sight of what they wanted.
I feel like the majority of fans this band will have will be more or less their age due to my experience of other bands their age and I feel like this will be the same idea that many teenagers their age have. This makes the song relatable to people as well as one which individuals can have a sing along to / dance around to.
Although the tone of the lyrics is quite a low one, the instruments would be the thing which would make this song one which you could dance around to, kind of like something The Smiths would have produced - like their songs Girlfriend in a Coma and Panic.

I feel like this song has everything that you would want from one of an 'easy breezy slacker indie-rock' band which is probably why I have listened to it a lot since I first heard of Wax Age.

If indie-rock with a slightly pop infused sound is one you enjoy, I definitely recommend you take a listen to this song and Disillusion as well as future Wax Age releases.

WAX AGE playing the event 'The Epsom Scene' at The Albion, Epsom
of which the band helped to organise.

This song is one in which I like and after listening to this and the other track released by Wax Age I am looking forward to the other tracks which they have to offer in the near and distance future.
Keep an eye out for this band in any gigs in which they announce and if there's one near you be sure to head down!
 Written by Sophie.

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