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A REVIEW OF 'The Indigo Project EP' FROM THE INDIGO PROJECT - 08/04/2016

THE INDIGO PROJECT - photo credit to
from left to right Alex Crow, Jack Manktelow, Tony Francis, Joe Spink and Oliver Barry

THE INDIGO PROJECT an indie-rock five-piece from Leeds consisting of Joe Spink (vocals/guitar), Tony Francis (guitar), Alex Crow (bass), Oliver Barry (guitar) and Jack Manktelow (drums).

This Yorkshire-based five-piece have already been featured on BBC introducing shows all across the UK as well as many other stations and they only formed in early 2015. They have gained coverage on BBC one, have played many headline and support tour dates across the UK and have this year but booked for some festivals this year, one being their cities own Live At Leeds.
While supporting bands such as The Sherlocks and DMA’s this band have played in sold out venues which has allowed them to get their name known prior to releasing their first EP.

TDP playing live - photo credit to Lauren Stead
from right to left Alex Crow, Tony Francis, Joe Spink and Oliver Barry
This self-titled EP was released this morning and consists of four tracks - Taste It, Wise Man, As Always and Snake Bite. 

When I first heard Joe Spink's voice, I thought it was quite different and this is down to the accent of the lead vocalist which is flooding through.

The Indigo Project have created quite a heavy rocky EP in terms of the instrumentals, even through the most mellow song ('As Always') on this release there are still moments in which the strong instrumentals are present.

The fact of this band being a five-piece with three guitar players sets them to an advantage due to the sound of guitars being powerful in their songs alongside the bass guitarist this makes the, The Indigo Project an excellent band to listen to if you like heavy guitar sounds, particularly within intros.

Despite being heavy the guitars are not at all overpowering meaning the drums and vocals are very much present throughout the song and remain able to be heard and heard well.

I do like the fact that the majority of all these songs are quite rocky but there is that diversity in that in the form of parts of 'As Always' it isn't all too much of the same sound / style which isn't really what I like from releases that include more than one track. A change in tempo from song to song can really create a good mix on an EP and this is what the, The Indigo Project have managed.

I think this EP has proved these boys are more than capable of producing great music which I hope they continue to do.

This release has made me look forward to what this Yorkshire boys have to offer tomorrow night at their EP release gig and in future releases.

You can catch the boys of The Indigo Project at Live at Leeds (April 30th) at The Faversham - 1:30pm -  2:00pm. Tickets required.zx

You can listen to the EP here:

Written by Sophie.

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