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A Review of 'Pure' by Dean James & The Black Dogs - 14/04/16

DEAN JAMES & THE BLACK DOGS - album artwork

South Shields born, blues rock artist, Dean James along with his new backing band 'The Black Dogs' have come together to release their new album 'Pure'.

The album will be released by Forgotten City Records - a Sunderland Indie label and will feature 11 tracks that speak of desperation, addition and heartbreak. Dean has worked as a mental health nurse for a lot of his life so is educated an aware of these tragedies.

Dean has said that 'When I was younger, I wrote songs about ex - girlfriends. Now I spend my days trying to help people addicted to cocaine, supporting them in their recovery so they can see their kids'. This showing throughout personal experience, his development of writing songs have changed to helping people in their time of struggle.

He also states that he needed an outlet for the emotions and 'music is the perfect opportunity to tell stories as well as let off some steam'.

The new rockier sound comes from the recently new backing band 'The Black Dogs', who contacted Dean through great appreciation of his work. 

First things first, when listening to an album, I almost see it as a story. All the chapters have to be relevant to each other - all being quite different but fitting well together. I think that this album has achieved this very well. 

I enjoyed listening to each song. Having the premise highlighting desperation, addition and heartbreak, there are very uplifting elements that target that the issue get or has got better. With every song you can tell that the lyrics have been carefully chosen in order to represent past experience which will fulfill relevance to someone going through something similar.

My favourite song on the album is 'Love you so bad'. The tune is very catchy and the lyrics are very meaningful.

This album has the very distinctive blues rock genre and targets a niche audience of old school blues listeners - something that is very rare to find nowadays. 

Having the band come together from a solo singer/songwriter, and a band who appreciated the work from him, have now created a band that are extremely talented and have produced a great album.

- Meg x

'Pure' is out now!

The album is available on all major digital music platforms from the 18th April 

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