Thursday, 14 April 2016

A REVIEW OF THE SINGLE 'Another Night' BY THE KAVALIERS - 14/04/2016

THE KAVALIERS - photo credit to Will Raisbeck
From left to right - Jordan, Sam, Tom, Matthew and Robbie

THE KAVALIERS are the Doncaster based five-piece who are delivering fresh anthemic rock and roll.

Tom Statham (vocals), Matthew Brewin (guitar), Sam Kennedy (guitar), Robbie Thompson (bass) and Jordan Booth (drums) make up this indie-rock/Britpop band who since starting to make music have headlined all of the best local venues and have hit some of the finest in Sheffield.

They have got themselves a solid South Yorkshire fanbase through these gigs and now the boys in the band are working on expanding this fanbase by gigging around the rest of the UK.

They have previously released their EP ‘Taking Care of Business’ in which they worked with Alan Smyth (linked to Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and the Makers).
We were greeted with the new single 'Another Night' on Saturday (9th April). This single came with a B-side called 'Dream On'.

On the night of the release, these boys took to the stage at The Diamond Live Lounge in Doncaster. On this night they managed to draw in the biggest crowd for an single release in the history of the venue.

THE KAVALIERS at their EP release - photo credit to Caitlin Boyle
From left to right - Sam, Jordan, Tom, Robbie and Matthew

The intro to Another Night is quite melodic in terms of guitars.

With the drum beat alongside the guitars in this single is one which makes me want to dance around and makes me feel like this could be played in my favourite local bar on a Friday night with the dance floor full due to the style of the song.

At the very beginning of the song the first thing that came into my head was Spector, purely due to the first thing you hear sounding like the first thing you do in their song 'Friday Night, Don't Ever Let It End' however immediately after this you can tell there is a difference.

The Kavaliers bring in their progressive drum beat whereas Spector focus more on their guitars after that first second of the song.

Usually when you listen to a band and focus on the vocals you tend to get an idea of who you think they sound like.

For a small moment when lead singer Tom begins, Brandon Flowers comes into my head but after this I do not know who he reminds me of giving them a slight uniqueness about their music.

The 'Another  Night' single release at Doncaster's The Diamond Live Lounge
Photo credit to The Diamond Live Lounge
The B-side of this single made me rather happy due to differing slightly from the main track as it provided the release with some diversity which isn't already necessary but I think is good when present.

This single shows why The Kavaliers are on of the bands bringing some life to the Doncaster music scene and that makes me glad they are doing what they are.

I am looking forward to seeing what else The Kavaliers have to offer in the future and hope to catch them live at some point.

You can next catch the boys live at the Tour De Yorkshire Party on Saturday 30th April (10:30AM while 6pm) on Doncaster's Town Field.

 Written by Sophie.

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