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GLASS MOUNTAIN - photo credit to Sodium
From left to right - Lewis, Harry, Jonathan and William

In the last year GLASS MOUNTAIN have put all their passion and effort into producing their Glacial EP (due June 10th). They have recently released the single Glacial which gives the EP its name as well as its video.
This four-piece show through referring themselves as a Bradford band that they are proud of the place they are from and they are ones hoping to give a name to the city in terms of a music scene as Bradford is not often a location in which you tend to hear that bands are from.
 It is easy for people from Bradford to attach themselves to Leeds but this is not the case with Glass Mountain and this is something I very much like because it shows they are proud of where they are from.
Harry Hanson (vocals & guitar), Lewis Johnson-Kellett (guitar), William Sand (bass & keyboard) and Jonathan Newell (drums) took the name of their band from a etch done by David Hockney of Bradford for who they asked for his personal blessing to use the name.
This shows that this band have a lot of respect for people and I feel this is important as it shall make their fans respect them more.
GLASS MOUNTAIN at Headrow House
Photo credit to Sodium
 This single is well produced and this is mirrored by the video that was made for it.

 Watching the video I felt quite relaxed, I think this is due to watching paint being put on the face of lead singer Harry, it wasn't a video which required a lot of thought process. It may be described as quite simple but it was effective due to it going very well with the song.

The song Glacial itself also made me feel relaxed, particularly the intro of the keyboard playing.

As I watched the video for the song before hearing just the song, I cannot help but think that despite the paint being applied in quite a messy manner that due to the song slightly picking up pace, the drumming and symbol smashing in this song alongside the guitars and Harry's voice make it seem like this video idea was the best one for the song and I don't know what else they could have done for this song in terms of a video.

The song is quite a long one which at first made me wonder if I would become bored due to repetitiveness half way through, however I was pleasantly surprised that repetitiveness was minimal.

I really liked how the video was executed. I very much enjoyed listening to the song which is of a yearn/sorrow genre. Neither of which I had heard of before enquiring about the Glass Mountain but I am going to seek out bands who are quite similar due to liking this track.

I am now very much looking forward to hearing the rest of this EP!

Glass Mountain can be caught playing the following gigs (including their EP release gig) on the following dates:
360 Club, Leeds - June 10th (EP release gig)
Bingley Live, Bingley - September 4th.

You can listen to the single and watch the video here:

Written by Sophie.

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