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A REVIEW OF THE SINGLE 'Medicine' BY PEDRO - 07/04/2016

PEDRO - photo credit to Primrose Waller Photography

Pedro is an upcoming singer/songwriter from the South Coast.

He has since the age of 15 being playing in bands and writing music but now he is trying to make something honest with his music in a project he has started alongside being in the band Empty Set.

This 19 year old is trying to take things back to basics, not being like many artists who are trying to shout to be heard above all the others Pedro is producing simpler songs with honest lyrics an real emotion and messages.

He seeks a connection with his audience however feels if even one person connects with the song in anyway small way then he feels it’s worthwhile.

He recently released his debut single ‘Medicine’ on the 23rd March.

Artwork for single 'Medicine'

After listening to the tracks from Pedro's band, I released exactly what he meant by this project being different to anything they produce.

It is very much a simple song but not in the way that makes it bad and lacking talent. This song shows that alone as well as part of a band Pedro can succeed.

The song singing to someone who seems like a previous partner, one who no matter what makes you want to be with them.

 Almost like you cant live without them like some medicines people cannot live without.

The song is very soft and calm. The voice of Pedro is very melodic alongside the acoustics of his guitar.

The words, after three times listening they were in my head which shows just how catchy this song could be even though its not some upbeat pop song.

There is a good passion in Pedro's voice. The fact that he has his band and now this side project tells me that music is Pedro's whole life and he does have a lot of passion for it.

Even though this song is quite different to the music Pedro is used to performing due to his band 'Empty Sets' being of an 'indie rock' kind of genre where as this is more folky, it really does work for him.

I think the track itself is great and I look forward to more that Pedro has to offer for us.

Written by Sophie.


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