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A REVIEW OF 'Skin EP' FROM SKIN - 28/04/2016

SKIN - photo credit to Katie Rose Elder
From left to right - Ezra and Oscar

SKIN are a two-piece band from Bristol who first came about in early 2015 known as 'Terrorpin'. Since they then they have played a vast number of shows stretching out across Bristol and as far as Nottingham (supporting Ticketholder) and this is the time a name occurred and 'Skin' came about.

Consisting of Oscar Sault (vocals & guitar) and Ezra Young (drums) this band released their debut EP on 1st February this year and with that these 16 year olds have definitely made an impact.
They've recently grown in terms of their fanbase and with this EP it is not hard to see why. Their music reminds me of The Wytches due to Oscar's voice, Drenge due to the instrumentals along with a slight hint of Slaves due to the lyrics.

With influences of 80's grunge, psychedelic pop and shoegaze their EP is definitely an interesting one.

The boys playing New Market - photo credit to Skye Anfield
This EP begins with track 'Rebels' which is the one which mostly gives me the, The Wytches vibe I got with the EP. The tempo of the guitar was fast from the start and I very much liked the contrast between that and the slow start of the drums. Throughout you can definitely hear the kind of grunge sound it seems that this band have gone for.

The next song is 'Fall From Grace'. I feel like this song merges grunge and the psychedelic pop influences the band have and therefore this song is my personal favourite from the EP due these being two genres which some of the music I listen to tends to be of. It doesn't just merge the genres however, it does it well.
The final song 'Snakes Tongue' is definitely one which reminds me of Drenge, from the instrumentals to the name of the song. It also gives me a little Nirvana feel at times which I like very much. Altogether this EP was well thought out and well produced.
I think this EP is pretty incredible and on first listen I was blown away. I was really shocked when I read some other reviews of the release and learnt that the boys in the band are both only 16 years old.
I do get rather excited about discovering new music that I love by up and coming bands / artists and this is exactly what Skin's music gave me. This EP has left me with the hope of more raucous riffs, vigorous drumming and robust vocals in other releases in the future from this band.

You can catch the boys of the Skin live on the following dates at the following venues:
May 8th - The Louisiana, Bristol
May 18th - Thunderbolt, Bristol (supporting Kit Trigg)

You can also listen to the debut EP of the band below:
 Written by Sophie.

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