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A Review of 'Wanna Know The Secret' by Scratch Buffalo 24/04/16

SCRATCH BUFFALO - press shot

Scratch Buffalo are a blues heavy - indie rock trio from Canada, made up of Chris Naish - vocals/guitar, Scott Wildeman - bass/vocals and Mark Straub - drums.

Chris - the songwriter and front-man formed the trio in 2014 after a successful solo career. His self released albums, led to media spotlight throughout television, print and radio.

Since their formation, the band have been steadily gigging and on the 1st of April, they released their debut album worldwide, named 'Wanna Know The Secret'

'Wanna Know The Secret' - album artwork

Listening to the very first bars of each song, you can instantly hear the blues rock and it is consistent throughout the album. Having said this, each song has it's individual tune within, using that same genre.

In parts of every song you can hear the Canadian accent which I like, as it's shows the bands origin as well originality.

The instruments are played so smoothly and are played extremely well together, in some parts of each song, especially 'Kick It Out' the bass is very prominent which I love hearing.

Each song is under 3 minutes, which I think works very well. The songs don't feel cut short, they in fact, have really good sharp endings after amazing instrumentals.

I really liked every song on this album, especially 'Get Sick'. I feel that this songs shows the indie rock side the most, a genre of music that I'm a big fan of. It's a song that would fit in perfectly with the playlist of music that is played at my local bar.

This is an amazing album that reflects blues, indie rock very well and I'm glad I got to listen to it.

- Meg x

'Wanna Know The Secret' is available to listen to and purchase on all major platforms -

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