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OCTOBER DRIFT - credit to Portia Saunders
From left to right - Dan, Kiran, Chris and Alex 
  OCTOBER DRIFT are a four-piece band from Taunton, Somerset who are now based both there and in Sheffield.

These rising newcomers exploded onto the music scene in early 2015 causing them to gain a strong word of mouth following.

The Southern band consisting of Kiran Roy (vocals/guitar), Daniel Young (guitar), Alex Bispham (bass) and Chris Holmes (drums/backing vocals) have gained a reputation for their high-energy surrounded live shows.
The band sold out their first tour before their first single was released due to loyal fans from their days as The Darlingtons and new fans from this strong word of mouth following.
So far they have presented 'a strong DIY ethos' which is own by them recording all their own songs in their own studio and even hand-making their own merchandise.
Throughout 2015, the organic approach of the band caused them to shun all social media which was a brave choice for the band, but the outcome of the following they gained showed that it wasn't really necessary for them to have social media in the beginning.
Since I first met the band in 2014, they have progressed so much. Still producing excellent music however music which is more advanced in their alternative genre. Their live shows becoming increasingly electric in all aspects possible.
Fresh from their most recent tour I got to have an interview with the band's guitarist, Dan.
So I read that you guys have known each other for years, Chris and Dan especially, but when exactly did this music making four-piece come about?
We've been writing music together in one form or another for like 7-8 years ago now. Obviously October Drift has only been around for just over a year now, although we had most of the songs written for it back in 2014.
When did you all first think music was something you wished to pursue? Was there something specific you remember that triggered you into thinking that?
Well for me personally, I wanted to be a vet at one point, even at the start of college I did like Biology, Chemistry and environmental Science. I learnt pretty swiftly that I didn't wanna be reading the periodic table every night, when I could take the 'easy' option of becoming a rockstar. So I dropped chemistry and biology, picked up Music Technology and decided this was going to be my calling. I did continue doing Environmental Science though which I actually really enjoyed. Ask me some questions on seaweed or soil and I'll chew your ear off! I think since then I've never been able to see myself doing anything different, I'm actually quite scared of the idea that I'm gonna have to go and get some career in something normal. Actually I don't think I could even do that, I'd end up trying to be an actor or a wrestler or something really farfetched. I cant even act, nor can I wrestle (YET) but I think if you go for it and stick to it you can have some form of success in anything that you do!
When I think about the Doncaster music scene it upsets me because of the death surrounding it (minus minimal bands and artists who give me a little hope). How would you describe the music scene of Taunton?
Ahh man it sucks, it's Taunton haha! There's only room for one nightclub in our town, as soon as another one opens up the last one shuts down. I think a lot of the young people in Taunton and Somerset go out to other cities like Bristol or Exeter, so there's not really room for a scene at the moment. Having said that, me and Kiran used to work in a music venue called Perfect 5th when we left college, and that was awesome, there was a big group of people who were really into bands and alternative dance music, so it was always pretty busy down there. Unfortunately it didn't make it through the recession as the rent was too high but it was sick. Actually screw it, if the band doesn't make it I'm opening up a music venue in Taunton that's cool. That'll be fun! And then if that fails il go back to being a wrestler.
As you were growing up who did you guys listen to the most music wise?
I was really into like Guns N Roses and ACDC and all the classic rock stuff like that, obviously when i grew up a bit that changed into more 'sophisticated' stuff, oh that sounds really wanky doesn't it? You know what I mean though. I think the turning point was when I started going into Blackcat Records every day before and after college and just pestering the shit out of Phil who owns it. It got to the point where he'd make us go and put the kettle on! So he introduced me and the others to all sorts of different bands and music that's shaped our music tastes now.
Previously Alex (bassist) told me this is the biggest tour you've done to date, you just did 9 back to back nights. How do you feel now they've been done and about the fact you got to book such a massive tour?
Oh it was awesome! Don't get me wrong it was really fucking tiring, my eyelid's still twitching from it, I think though that we're all just like 'right then when are we getting back out there' It was so much fun. I think when you're out on tour it feels like you're actually making something happen rather than just sitting at home waiting for things to happen, so just more more more now please! 

The band during their Guinness Festival Set.

 The EP 'Stranger Days' just came out, you've had a massive response so far in terms of really positive reviews and interviews. Did you expect this kind of reception?
I don't think you ever know what to expect, and to be honest I don't know if we're actually that bothered. If people like it then that's amazing, and if they don't, well what can you do!? We don't make music for other people, we just make music we like and then if people wanna jump on board with it that's awesome!
Every gig so far you've had amazing feedback from your manager and others who attended the gigs. How does it feel to have someone saying something good after every set you play?
I think the key here is staying grounded and being humble. If someone's constantly telling you that you're awesome or whatever it's hard to not believe your own hype, but that's the worst thing you can do. I just tend to not take any of it that seriously, I don't really like discussing the band after the shows, I just wanna read some random shit or listen to some music or something and forget about it all.
You have jobs when you are at home not touring which are not band related, if you weren't pursuing music however what do you all think you'd be doing in your lives right now?
Ahh shit I think I answered this question earlier by mistake. I'll tell you my wrestling name though. Dan The Danger Man. It's frightening.
In terms of the band, what is something you wish to fulfil?
I want to play Brixton Academy. I know it's far fetched. But that's a big aim for me. Actually pyramid stage Glastonbury. Iv been like 5 times now because it's just round the corner from us, I'd like to play pyramid, that would be cool!
What is each of your favourite tracks off the new EP?
We all like 'I Left My Heart in Amiens' the best! I don't know whether that's because it's the one we've had to listen to the least though. Or maybe it's just the feel, it's proper dark and American sounding. It always makes me feel like I'm out in the desert, on my own in the wilderness. (I've never been to the desert but I can imagine that's what it's like)
Written by Sophie.

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