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Review Of 'Love You To Death' by Multiplier 22/04/16

MULTIPLIER - press shot

Mancunian four piece, Multiplier, are an indie rock based band and consist of; Andy Gardner - vocals, Phil Hartley - guitar, Danny Callaghan - bass and Rod McFarlane - drums. The bands influences are mainly from rock and indie to shoe gaze pop and soundtrack.

The bands origin comes Andy and Phil meeting via a musician website, as they mainly wanted to form a band. After writing a handful of songs, they later found Danny and Rod through the similar method - which shows that they really came together for music.

The music they tend to write/produce come from many different influences. Reading a recent interview, the band individually have their own idols and musical influences, putting all of them together, mean their own music is very unique to them.

Multipliers biggest song yet 'Love You To Death' was released digitally on the 8th of April and hearing that and orchestra accompanies the song, intrigued me a lot.

Love You To Death - Artwork

The songs starts off quite deep and low but builds power towards the chorus and the chorus is where the orchestra makes its appearance which worked very well. The vocals keep up with the backing music very well, you can hear every single lyric and is drowned out by music, which I think can be sometimes quite difficult to achieve. Overall the vocals are the main focus of the song and are very distinctive which is impressive and enjoyable to listen to. 

The instruments used are played extremely well and reminds me of song that would be featured in a movie - sound track music being something they enjoy making.

I also really like the artwork, as it reflected the mood of the song very well.

I haven't heard anything like this before and is definitely shows how their individual influences have come together to achieve unique music. I was skeptical at first knowing that an orchestra is featured but was blown away at how well it worked within the song. 

I really enjoyed listening to this song and discovering a new band with such a passion in music, I look forward to hearing more from them.

- Meg x

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