Sunday, 29 May 2016

A Live Review of Paves at Social Bar - Doncaster - 29/05/16


I first came across Paves through Twitter, after noticing they were an independent band and at the time, released new music. The song I listened to was 'Take Me While I'm Here' and pretty quickly became a fan of the band.

Paves are a 4 piece Rock and Roll band from London, who formed over a year ago playing in small pubs in the east end. The band consists of; Luke Shield - lead vocals and guitar, Mike Whitaker - lead guitar, Perry Read - bass and backing vocals and Tom Triggs- drums.

Casually looking through Facebook, I noticed that Paves were undergoing a tour from April through to July. I was intrigued as to where they'd be playing - hoping that they would play somewhere in Yorkshire. To my complete surprise I noticed they were playing at Social in Doncaster. This bar/venue is pretty much my favourite bar in town and is like a second home.  I'm always there watching lots of different bands. Having The Paves play somewhere that's so close to home and somewhere I go to a lot, gave me an amazing opportunity to see them live.

 They played there on Friday 27th May. As soon as the band started to play, I think a large amount of the people were pretty surprised with their powerful openings, meaning no one could resist but to get on the dance floor. The energy the band had was amazing and portrayed this to everyone listening. The vocals sung by Luke were strong, as well as the harmonies - which I was most impressed about.

A band isn't all about the image, but I liked how each member had their own style and the small characteristics they have, brought out their individual personalities. Their interaction with the audience was friendly and inviting.

Towards the end, they played 'Take Me While I'm Here' which I was definitely looking forward to and was a great song to add to their set list as it was amazing live and you could tell that everyone was enjoying it. 

The ending showed a mega - powerful instrumental followed by Luke, stumbling around and in true Rock and Roll style, he knocked down a mic stand - something that made that performance different and speaking to him after the gig he explained that it wasn't planned he said 'It just felt right'.

I was so impressed by this band and speaking to a few people after they agreed with what great a band they are. I'm so glad that I was able to see them and in one of my favourite places.

If you get a chance to see the band on their last remaining tour dates,you will not be disappointed.

- Meg x 


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