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A Review of 'Dark Clouds' by Cherry Head, Cherry Heart 20/05/16

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Cherry Head, Cherry Heart are a duo from Teeside and consist of Naomi Lowe - vocals and Andy Johnson - guitar. 

When reading about the duo I find that the genre of music the tend to produce is a pop, classic styling and modern mood as well as indie musical. These mixture of genres definitely intrigued me to listen to how it could all come together in a song.

'Dark Clouds' is a two track single and to my surprise when being sent this song, it is made up of two versions. The single is made up of  'Thunder' and  'Lighting' version.

This is something that is not seen often and something that I personally haven't come across before, which made me so excited to see how one song can be made into two versions, as well as having no clue what to expect.

Dark Clouds - single artwork
I first listened to the 'Thunder' version with the impression that it would reflect the title. 

The introduction blew me away with the powerful anthem vocals and sound. I thought it was a great representation of thunder as it was unexpected and powerful. The use of the guitar and drums show this.

Throughout the rest of the song it was very comforting to listen to and when thinking about it, can also be a representation of thunder as even though it can be unexpected and powerful it can be subtle and almost calming.

I then listened to the 'Lighting' version'. This version I think brought out the acoustic side to the duo, a version I really enjoy. The representation of lighting comes across in the song being that it bright and bold.

The two versions are similar within the lyrics and meaning however the different intentions from both work so well together and is a really unique idea. 

I am so glad I got the chance to listen to this duo because everything from the soft vocals from Naomi, to the powerful tunes and lyrics make it a feel good song.

I definitely recommend giving these a listen!

- Meg x

Dark Clouds will be available to stream and download on all major platforms (from 27th May 2016) 

You can pre - order 'Dark Clouds' here! -

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