Monday, 2 May 2016

A REVIEW OF THE SINGLE 'The Belle Of The Strutters' Ball' BY CARNABELLS - 02/05/2016

CARNABELLS - photo credit to Sian Goodwin
From left to right - Mitchell, Jack, Mitch, Luke and Nathan.
CARNABELLS are a band which I have been meaning to listen to for a while but it did not come about, after their single review request I finally did and I am so glad listening to their music finally happened.
Through their music this five-piece band channel the cultural and iconic significance of the famous London streets that are Carnaby Street and Portabello Road which give the band its name. They do this by characterising them in their music through the optimistic ideas of romanticism.
Since Luke Thompson (vocals & rhythm guitar), Mitch Thompson (lead guitar & backing vocals), Jack Mattison (organ & keyboard & synth & backing vocals), Nathan Francey (bass) and Mitchell Wright (drums) began making music together they have received a stamp of approval from BBC Radio 1 and 6, Amazing Radio and BBC introducing. They have even managed to bag themselves slots at Reading and Leeds Festival as well as the infamous Glastonbury.
The Belle Of The Strutters' Ball is an accurate representation of the sound which these boys seem to be looking to get.
Having previously gone to both of these streets in the past, this song is one which I can imagine listening to with my earphones in taking in my surroundings and it being perfectly fitting, especially walking through the market of Portabello Road.
In the biography that I was sent regarding the band, the word 'shimmering' was used to describe the guitars, I was unaware how accurate this would be but I soon figured out the accuracy is so unbelievably present.
The whole track sounds almost shimmering, throughout all of the instruments.
The voice of lead singer Luke is one which I like very much, I think this is mainly down to his accent which comes through very clearly in the songs.
 Right from the intro I like this track a lot, I love the fact that they include an organ into the song and how well it works. They are a young band and so its a rather unusual instrument for them to use but one which sets them apart from other bands.
This song makes me feel happy and is one which you could dance around to at a gig of theirs. I am rather hoping in the near future I will get the chance to see this band live.
The themes which they are trying to channel through their music are clearly picked up in this song.

Since listening to this song I have listened to the rest of the songs by Carnabells, this has shown me the crazily brilliant talent for music that this band has and I am super excited to hear some more from them in the future.

In terms of the Carnabells - '2016 is set to behold a plethora of exciting new releases,  coinciding with tours across the UK' which began with a tour to celebrate the release of this single.

 Written by Sophie.

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