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FERAL MANTRA - photo credit to CK Golding.
From left to right - Richard, Danny, James and Ashley.
FERAL MANTRA are a four-piece band based in South Yorkshire.
The noise-pop quartet consisting of James Rollings (vocals and guitar), Richard Bithley (guitar), David Davidson (bass) and Ashley Platts (drums) whose music was recently described by BBC introducing as 'fantastic dark rock with an echo of psychedelia' carry an ethos filled with noise inspired hooks and melodies alongside emotive writing which helps them to create retro-tinged pop.
The bands main influences come from that of new romanticism, indie shoegaze and post-punk. All of which definitely come through in the bands latest single 'Lost.'
The track 'Lost' I first did listen to without the video, followed by watching the video for it afterwards. The first time listening to it all I could think of was being on a beach, this is one reason why I was rather glad when I watched the video due to it being of the ocean.
the band at The Rocking Chair for AMP Live - photo credit to Thomas Anderson
The genres Feral Mantra use in their music are not usually ones that you find together, separately you may find them with other genre types however. This makes Feral Mantra just that little bit different.

Lost is a song which incorporates all of the influences they have as well as the 'retro-tinged pop' in which they aspire to make, this is done throughout all the instruments and James' voice.

The instrumentals do sound a little punky with pop mixed in there, the lyrics incorporate that slight new romanticism aspect and James' voice gives the little indie touch.

All together it is a great mix and if you haven't already listened to the song then you should definitely.

I think this song is one which definitely caters for more than just one group of people which I like, I don't believe bands should just stick to one genre in there music - if they even identify as any that is.

I hope that the next single released by Feral Mantra is similar to Lost in the way this incorporation happens but I do hope it has some differences.

I think some bands lack the ability to make good videos and videos which actually link to the song, due to me thinking about the ocean before watching the video they got it perfectly right for me.

I really do like this song and its video so I definitely recommend. It has definitely left me looking forward to what Feral Mantra have to offer in the future and hopefully seeing them live one day soon!

You can listen to the single below:
 Written by Sophie.

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