Friday, 3 June 2016

A Review of 'One' by Psycho Comedy - 03/06/16

Psycho Comedy are a psychedelic 5 piece from Liverpool. They are the latest band to emerge from Merseyside.

It's been said that their sound combines 'elements of experimental and dreamy progressive punk.

Today is the official release of their debut single 'One' and is described to 'convey a heavily anarchist feel.

The song has received attentions from publications from the likes of Glamglare and GigSlutz. It was produced by Gil Norton, who has worked with Pixies and Foo Fighters.

'One' - single artwork

The long introduction at the start gives the listener chance to hear the repetitive tune of the guitar and bass, that is continuous throughout - making it extremely catchy.

It came to my mind when listening to the first 2 verses, that the word 'One' was used quite a lot which I think is a great way to embed song lyrics into your head as they're also repetitive along with the tune.

The relaxed vocals and especially the guitar riffs, that come apparent towards the ending instrumental , shows off their psychedelic genre - a genre I enjoy listening to.

I thought this was a great chill back song and would be very interested in hearing more new music from them.

'One' is out now!

- Meg x

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