Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Will Rush aka THE KID is an artist fresh from the suburbs of Manchester.
The Kid by name but not by nature this 21 year old singer / songwriter is one who describes his music as a 'testament of youth' due to his young heart and old soul which he portrays through the lyrics he writes.
In the past you were known mainly for your role in Waterloo Road in which you played Josh Clarkson and you also had parts in the likes of Grangehill and Shameless, what made you want to make the transition from acting to making music?
I started acting when I was a kid and a lot changes as you grow older, from the way you act, dress or the music you listen too ... And so does your choice in career sometimes I guess. My passion lay in music and it took the forefront so I just went with it. 
 I noticed you have gigged in many different countries, where has been the most exciting place that you've visited and played?
I love Australia, it's like a second home to me now so I guess playing my first gig in Melbourne on the other side of the world to where I started, it was pretty exciting!

What has been your favourite gig to date?
I played the Troubadour in London in March and it was so cool - such an iconic venue and a great crowd I was buzzing.

Where in the world do you want to gig the most?
I'd absolutely love to play Madison Square garden one day, I was in NYC last month and the place just has such a sick vibe... That would be a dream for me.
Live in Camden

Who would you say that your main musical influence is?

Johnny Cash inspired me to write and tell stories, Amy Winehouse made me wanna sing, if I could ever achieve a fine balance of his story through lyric and Amy's truth through vocal then I'd hang my boots up and bow out. 

Where does your nickname 'The Kid' come from?
I basically have a lot of friends that are older then me so naturally they started referring to me as the kid.

What do you find yourself doing in your spare time?
I write - that's it.

What would you say is your weirdest quirk?
I wouldn't say that I have to many weird quirks about me I'm just abit weird In general.

What are are your favourite food and drink?
Gimme some pizza/pasta any day of the week.... I'll be happy with water then. 

What can we expect from The Kid throughout the rest of 2016?
There's something pretty big on the cards about to happen... You'll see.
Be sure to check out The Kid's music, you can listen to some songs by him on his soundcloud (like the one below):
Written by Sophie.

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