Sunday, 31 July 2016

A Review of 'I Used To Fall In Love' by Lemonade Kid - 31/07/16

'I Used To Fall In Love' - EP artwork
Dominic - otherwise known as Lemonade Kid, is an indie/electronic musician/songwriter from Shrewsbury.

Throughout recent months, the musicians song 'Rising' has had a couple of plays on BBC6 music - a song that has also appears in the movie 'What Happened Last Night'.

Lemonade Kid has been very successful this year already and in May, he released his ep 'I Used To Fall In Love'. An ep containing four tracks of 'indie goodness'.

I listened to 'I Used to Fall In Love' and 'Satellites' and here's what I thought;

I didn't know what to expect when listening to Dominic's music. From the very start of 'I Used To Fall In Love', I was hit by an electronic explosion which sounded like something from the 80's. I like the fact that he has used modern lyrics along side such an old style of music - something of which works very well together and is a style of music that people are still interested in - like myself.

'Satellites' sounds much different to the first track. It has much more of a deeper feel and meaning. I like the use of the guitar which drifts in and out the duration of the song and the lyrics are very repetitive making it catchy.

I enjoyed listening to both songs. I believe that 'I Used To Fall In Love' dominates more electronically and Satellites more indie and what's better, there are two more tracks to add to this!

- Meg x

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