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SKIN - photo credit to Bryher Davies
From left to right - Oscar, Ezra and Ethan
SKIN are a three-piece band from Bristol who first came about in early 2015 known as 'Terrorpin'. Since they then they have played a vast number of shows stretching out across Bristol and as far as Nottingham (supporting Ticketholder) and this is the time a name occurred and 'Skin' came about.
Consisting of Oscar Sault (vocals & guitar), Ethan Catley (bass) and Ezra Young (drums) this band released their debut EP on 1st February this year and with that these teens has definitely made an impact.
They've recently grown in terms of their fanbase and with their first EP it is not hard to see why. Their music reminds me of The Wytches due to Oscar's voice, Drenge due to the instrumentals along with a slight hint of Slaves due to the lyrics.

With influences of 80's grunge, psychedelic pop and shoegaze their first EP is definitely an interesting one and it as me rather hopeful for their upcoming EP.

I was able to get an interview with Oscar from the band to discuss the upcoming EP named DARKWAVE and some other band related things!
Oscar (vocalist and guitarist) - photo credit to Bryher Davies
1. Firstly, how did you all meet?
Ez and me have been playing music together since we were 11 or so- we went to the same primary school. Then we met Ethan (bassist) because we had similar taste in music and when we decided we wanted a bassist in the band, me and Ezra knew he was the guy basically as soon as we made the decision.
2. What made you decide on 'Skin' as the name for you band?
We just wanted a simple name that we could tie in to a lot of the imagery we have in our tunes. I think the name works well for us really. Mark Breed from Hoodbats and The Wytches designed our logo and it looks badass.
3. When did you all want to begin to make music and why?
We can’t do anything else. Me and Ethan are pretty useless at anything else really but I’ve been told I can write songs to an alright standard so I think I’ll just stick with that until I either die or become homeless.
4. What would you say your genre is at present?
Psych-Grunge. It’s definitely a mix of 90s styles and I think that would probably cover our sound in the most concise term. We also like to refer to our tunes as ‘Psychofuzz’ just because it sounds like a made up genre. I don’t really like how every band is compared to another or shoehorned into a genre now just for the sake of media.
5. Who would you say the biggest influences for your band are?
For me, anything from America between 1985-1993. Dinosaurs Jr, Pixies, Nirvana are all bands I have a massive connection to. That kind of sound just speaks to me more than anything else and it definitely finds a way into our songs through the guitars. I’ll take something from any band, any musician from anywhere- You can always learn something from someone else even if it’s something tiny like how they play their instrument.
6. Are these influences people in which you grew up listening  or did you find them a bit later on?
Pixies are the ultimate for me. I’ve grown up with them my whole life and I just think everything they’ve ever done is incredible. Me and Ethan went to London to see them a couple of weeks ago and I was in tears. Some of the other stuff I’m influenced by were just things I got into when I was about 13- I’ll always idolize Cobain but I wouldn’t want to copy him too much. I just think he’s a fantastic songwriter- not many people can portray emotions in their songs like he could.
7. Would you say your upcoming EP was influenced by them?
Our ‘DARKWAVE’ EP is definitely carrying a lot of the ‘Seattle Sound’. We were lucky enough to record in a sick little studio which had a load of vintage gear that was perfect for getting the songs to the point where they came across how we wanted. We’re always trying to emulate that 90s feel on our tracks.
DARKWAVE EP Artwork - credit to Vanessa Barby
8. What would you say the themes are behind this EP?
‘DARKWAVE’ is a record that has let me release a lot of tension that I had. I’m perhaps not ready to disclose every detail and emotion that went into it but it means everything to me. I think the themes will be very apparent to the listener when the time comes that we release it.
9. When can the EP be expected?
The first single from ‘DARKWAVE’ should be streaming in September and then the rest of the EP will be available following that. Originally we were setting up for an August release but we are perfectionists and it’s not there yet.
10. What tour dates do you have coming up?
We’ve cut down on live appearances recently for some personal reasons but we have a HUGE party planned at the Louisiana on 12th September where we’re just going to have a really fun night and celebrate how far we’ve come and the imminent release of DARKWAVE. One of my favorite upcoming acts is supporting as well, Caitlin Elliman. It’s sure to be a good time. You can expect a tour towards the end of the year as well with Birmingham, Manchester and Nottingham dates in the pipeline.
11. What is your favourite venue to play?
The Louisiana in Bristol for me 100 percent. It’s just a fucking amazing place to play and it’s steeped in history- everyone has played there from Amy Winehouse to The Black Keys and Peace. The sound is fab as well, it probably has the best staff I’ve come across as well- they look after us for sure.

12. Out of all the up and coming bands/ artists, who are you listening to?

I'm a massive sucker for Run For Cover records- Last year’s Superheaven and Turnover records were phenomenal. A lot of the ‘Modern Grunge’ bands are on my playlist at the moment - ALLUSONDRUGS and Milk Teeth especially. Autumn Diet Plans and Crosa Rosa are really exciting as well and I can’t wait to see how far they go.

13. What would you say your biggest musical achievement to date is?
When we release DARKWAVE, that will be the biggest goal we’ve completed. We’ve played some great places and had great times as a band but we’ve overcome a lot of obstacles to reach the point where DARKWAVE is ready. But hitting 1,000 listens on one of our demos was pretty cool as well.
14. In term of the band, what is something you want to pursue?
As unlikely as it is, supporting Pixies would be my dream- I could die happy then. But if we are being more realistic, I want to play more sets with bands I like and also get some slots at the big festivals in the UK- we’re working on it at the moment, come next summer we might have some news on that side of things.
15. What else can we expect from Skin throughout the rest of 2016?
It's all DARKWAVE for 2016. I can’t stress how proud of the guys I am that we have this and even if people don’t care too much, we’re going to do what we do which is play big riffs from the EP and get as far as we can whilst doing that.

After their last EP, this is one I am rather excited about the release of.
Until the new EP, you can enjoy other tracks from Skin like Rebels here!
 Written by Sophie.

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