Tuesday, 23 August 2016

A Review of 'I Want Radio/Pink Dogs' by Cross Wires 23/08/16

Cross Wires - photo credit to Steve Fothergill
Cross Wires, are an East London/Essex based, four piece band which consist of; Jonathan Chapman - vocals, Peter Muller - guitar, Pete Letch - bass and Ian Clarke - drums - with Peter and Pete joining in with vocals.

The band have been featured on BBC Radio London as well Fresh Net and Amazing Radio 
and have played various venues across London and Essex.

Cross Wires have recently brought out a double AA side single featuring 'I Want Radio' and 'Pink Dogs'. Both tracks were produced by Rory Attwell who has also worked with The Vaccines, Peace and Palma Violets.

'I Want Radio/Pink Dogs' -
official artwork
'I Want Radio' starts off with a great catchy tune, a real pick me up vibe. The chorus is the part which stands out the most for me with the almost anthem chant of 'I Want Radio'. This song is so upbeat and you can imagine being at their gig and crowd being full of energy with such a fast paced wavey song.

'Pink Dogs' has a different feel to the first one, in that it's more down to earth and serious. I love the vocal ability from Jonathan. Building up to the chorus and the chorus itself is where the similarities come through with the first song and even though the tone is different, the song is filled with so much energy.

Both songs were great to hear and even though there were two different feels to the songs, there were so many similarities that put them together so well and also fit the new wave/punk genre they have put themselves at. 

I also am a big fan of their badges!

Checkout their debut single which is available on iTunes, Spotify and Amazon

- Meg x

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