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A REVIEW OF THE SINGLE 'When the Cat's Come Home' BY VULTURES - 08/09/2016

VULTURES minus John McCullagh - photo credit to Ellen Offredy
VULTURES are a five-piece band based in Sheffield.

This band consisting of Luke Thompson (vocals), Nathan Keeble (guitarist), John McCullagh (guitarist), Dillion Willis (bassist), Conor O’Reilly (drums) have progressed in a rather fast paced way due to not being a band for a large amount of time and having played 3 venues of Tramlines this year as well as headline gigs at venues such as The Washington and Social Bar as well as an array of others both headling and supporting. They just this last Saturday played to a sold out Leadmill.

When I first saw this band, at one of their first gigs I only got to see a few of the song due to having to leave to get the last train home. However, the songs I did manage to listen to kept with the psychedelic theme of the first and only song the band have currently released which goes by the name ‘Medusa’. Even though it was one of their first gigs together and they had, had a late arrival to the band just a few weeks earlier in the form of guitarist John McCullagh, from what I managed to catch of the band – they seemed so very together, like they’d been together for a lot longer than they actually have.

Now they have their second track 'When the Cat's Come Home'.

VULTURES - photo credit to Conor O'Reilly and Paul Tuffs
From left to right - Luke, Dillion, Conor, John and Nathan

Although there is still the initial 'hazy cosmic jive' which the band describe themselves as in the new track named 'When the Cat's Come Home'. There is quite a psychedelic guitar sound coming from within  this new track but overall it is not as psychedelic sounding as the bands first track 'Medusa'.
I feel like the opportunity to solidify the 'hazy cosmic jive' sound they wish to achieve definitely comes out even more when they play this track live.
This track has shown that the band can work with different genres in their songs and do it rather well as I very much like both of the tracks.
This song shows a different kind of sound to lead singer Luke's voice also, one which I think is a pretty great sound and this shows that it is not just  the instruments in which they are able to change their sound.
In itself the song is quite a soft song but with strong drumming and vocals throughout and very nice little main guitar riff during instrumental sections.
John and Luke at The Washington - photo credit to Molly Richards
I think although this track differs from Medusa in it not being as heavily psychedelic, the individuals who listened to and enjoyed that track will also enjoy this one rather a lot.

Excitement of new things to come from this band are what I'm feeling due to this band and this is due to the two tracks they have already released and the time I managed to see a little bit of their live set.
Although this song is a little bit sad due to the lyrics it is definitely one which you could dance around to at a gig due to its slightly poppy and it's psychedelic instrumentals.  
 The track itself is pretty well produced and it has clearly been thought through rather well.
I liked the track Medusa rather a lot and I didn't know how this new song was going to go, whether it was going to be really similar to 'Medusa' or not, especially due to it being their second but I'm glad of the direction they went with this track as I do very much like this song and that's why I'm considering myself lucky for I got a chance to listen to the track early so that I could get a review ready.
I am feeling like the songs that are to come from Vultures in the future are going to be ones that I like also due to the fact of the slight direction change in the second song. I feel like this has expanded the music genres that I feel they would do well in trying to explore and so they are definitely not restricted.
You can listen to the new track from Vultures here:
You can watch the video for the new track shot by the bands very own Conor O'Reilly, here:

Written by Sophie.

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