Friday, 12 August 2016

A Review of 'Your Souvenir' by Casual Agenda - 12/08/16

CASUAL AGENDA - photo sourced from the band twitter
from left to right - Peter Roper, Dan Bott and Joe Service

Having worked with the Walsall trio - Casual Agenda before, reviewing 'The One' and 'Apple Eye', I am delighted to be able to listen and review their most recent single 'Your Souvenir'.
If you are unaware of the band, Casual Agenda are a 3 piece 'mod rock and roll' band and is made up of Peter Roper - guitar/vocals, Joe Service - bass and Dan Bott - drums. The band formed in 2012 with Dan joining the duo the following year.

I'm always excited to hear music from this band as they never disappoint with what they produce. 'Your Souvenir' is both different but elements from their other music come through which is distinctive to them, so whatever they bring out, you can easily recognise it's them. 

I instantly found this song very catchy and found myself listening to it many times after. I find this songs main premise is power with the use of Peter's voice together with the instruments. The fact that the song is only 2 minutes 11 seconds is impressive because I find some songs that are quite short tend to miss a big part of the song which can make it so much better but this song has managed to fulfill everything I could've wanted.

- Meg x

The band are currently on tour so I would highly recommend seeing them if they're at a venue near you.

Casual Agenda - official tour poster

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