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MISFIRES - photo credit to Courtney Brock
From left to right - James, Matt, Jake and Mert

MISFIRES are a Swindon based four-piece band.
Consisting of Matt (guitar and vocals), Mert (lead guitar), Jake (bass) and James (drums) have been since starting out, taking the UK by storm with their 'unique indie anthems'.
This quartet have been described as 'the next big indie band' by Vibe Youth Radio, 'reinventors of modern day indie music' by Mixtape Press and 'the love child of Little Comets, The 1975 and Arctic Monkeys' by Everything Alyce. All of which are no surprise due to the kind of mad, ambient and spacey noise that they produce.
The latest track released by the boys of the band is called '22' and this track definitely confirmed some if not all of what has previously been sad about the band.
The boys of the band at Follyfest - photo credit to Courtney Brock
This track is one which left me feeling like as I have only just heard of Misfires that I have been missing out a little bit.
The guitar riffs which fill this song are pretty catchy, as well as the drum beats which are air-drummed along to in the video.
Though the lyrics for the song are quite different to the instrumentals due to the nature of them being quite sad (for the most part) and the instrumentals are rather upbeat.
The song is one which goes through many different scenarios which individuals are around the age of 22 may experience / carry out, particularly on nights out.
The video itself for this song is one which has the band performing the song in the studio however, the video also shows the kind of things the band get up to in the studio in terms of potentially humorous things. This for me has allowed Misfires to include their personality in two ways which isn't something bands often do a lot of within a song and its video.
Firstly through the lyrics they have written as there is a clear meaning behind them and it may give a little insight into what the band get up to in their spare time and then it shows a not so sad more relaxed, boisterous side which they didn't portray through the lyrics.
Despite these both being so different I do feel like they are well thought out because it isn't just all of the same, there is an upbeatness within.
I am rather excited to see what else is to come from Misfires in the future!
You can listen to the track and watch the video for it below:
Written by Sophie.

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