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THE VOLTS are a five-piece band from Warrington.
This band consisting of Rory Hope (vocals), Chris Smith (lead guitar), Phil Hughes (rhythm guitar), Rick Lyons (bass) and Jay Hughes (drums) are an up and coming rock band hailing from the North West who are getting their name known for their modern, edgy, riff driven songs.
The band themselves describe their sound as guitar driven rock with a splash of You Me At Six.
I was able to get in interview with The Volts, which is below:

THE VOLTS - photo credit to Sammi Walsh
From left to right - Ric, Phil, Rory, Chris and Jay

1. Firstly, where did you all meet?

Ric: Back in the glorious summer of 2k12 I answered an advert on the webz for a pop/rock band based in Warrington/Widnes. They had apparently already written some “really catchy” tunes and had a member who had already experienced the raucous world of rock and roll as a member of the band Polaris. Needless to say I snapped their hands off when asked to join surely big things were on the horizon - Fierce Inc was born!

Jay: So yeah… Thanks for that Ric. Basically the singer and guitarist left due to musical differences and we were on the hunt for another singer. Rory came back from the States and also used the web to find a band and we approached him to join.
Phil: Then I joined. Also online…
Chris: Yeah. The web. Top notch.

2. Where did the name The Volts come from?

Rory: We were all sat in Jays conservatory playing around trying to think of some band names. We came up with some horrendous names that may or may not have worked but The Volts was a unanimous decision in the end I think.
Jay: Was all me that…
Rory: True!

3. At present what would you describe your genre to be?

Ric: The best!!
Chris: Quiet you! I personally would say Riffy Rock & Roll. To the point. Loud. With some poppy style vocals from the fro.

4. Individually what are your favourite venues?

Jay: Deaf Institute.
Ric: Deaf Institute – Top gig!
Chris: O2 Academy in Liverpool – Easily the best venue we have played!
Rory: Roadhouse, Manchester – Supported Area 11 which have a massive following. The place was packed! Will never forget that night…
Phil: Deaf Institute – By far the most memorable for me

5. What would each of you say had been your biggest musical achievement to date?

Jay: 2006 at a Fresh Festival. Played the same bill as Kasabian and Basement Jaxx!
Ric: Probably playing Roadhouse. Was a busy night that!
Chris: I prefer the comments we get from people post gig. So the people in the room that weren’t nessasarily there to see you but approach you afterwards and say you’re s$^t hot!
Rory: Passing my grade 1 on the piano when I was 12
Phil: Probably Deaf Institute as I am new to this like Rory…

6. Who are the favourite bands / artists of you all?

Rory: Well a band that I know we are all fans of are Nothing But Thieves. I saw them when they were pretty low key a long time ago… Have managed to get the rest of the lads into them and we all have tickets to their gig in Manchester on December 1st. Cannot wait! So for me NBT, Thirty Seconds to Mars and You Me at Six!
Chris: I agree with Rory there… went to see NBT with my misses and they were amazing! But I have to say my favorite band are by a country mile Stereophonics!
Jay: Queen. Easy.
Ric: Im a Foo Fighters man.
Phil: Busted. No shame.
Logo of the band
7. Out of all the currently up and coming bands / artists, who do you listen to?

Rory: I listen to a few up and coming artists… Love bands like KASHMERE, The Jackobins and The Barmines! The Jackobins and The Barmines are both playing the This Feeling stage at this years Leeds Fest. Excited or them!
Jay: They’re all top to be honest… We played alongside a band the other day at a Festival in Dearne Valley called Bang Bang Romeo... Great sound and great live too!

8. Individually, what do you think makes a good gig?

Phil: I am new to this but I think it’s a mix of a good sound technician, stage set-up, lighting and the crowd.
Chris: Few pints too… Can’t forget that!

9. In terms of this band what is something which you want to fulfil?

Jay: I have always, always, always wanted to play a festival on the main stage where the sun is setting. That’s something I aim to do at some stage!
Chris: We deffo want to get signed and do it full time. That’s the dream

10. What would you all individually say your weirdest quirks are?

Rory: Ric comes in with one hit wonder comments. Apart from that he’s pretty quiet…
Ric: Rory can put his leg over his head. Don’t ask how I know that….
Jay: I can’t get my leg over my head
Chris: I can do both of mine at the same time…
Phil: and… I can eat 4 crackers in a minute

11. What do you all find yourself doing in your spare time?

Ric: I am a bassist that loves the guitar. So I play guitar… and I play Cricket…
Rory: I play basketball and pretty much do covers and stuff online… Check me out! @RoryHopeSings
Chris: Drinking beer. Love me a real ale!
Jay: I like to boogy. Jitter bug boogy.

12. From the rest of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, what can we expect from The Volts?

Chris: We will be releasing new music definitely towards the end of 2016 with two definite single launches! We have a few surprises up our sleeve too.
Rory: Get some merchandise going. Some CD’s potentially and EP!?
Ric: You heard it here first!
Until the release of the new singles, you can listen to tracks from The Volts just like the one below:
 Written by Sophie.

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