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VULTURES - photo credit to Conor O'Reilly and Paul Tuffs
From left to right - Luke, Dillon, Conor, John and Nathan
VULTURES are a Sheffield based five piece consisting of Luke Thompson (vocals and guitar), Nathan Keeble (guitar and backing vocals), John McCullagh (guitar and backing vocals), Dillon Willis (bass and synth) and Conor O'Reilly (drums).
Forming at the beginning of this year as a four piece, this band have already had airtime on BBC Introducing Sheffield with their first track 'Medusa'.
A late addition to the band came a short while after the release of Medusa in the form of John McCullagh, since this the band have played their first gig, played three venues over the Tramlines weekend and just last night played to a sold out Leadmill.
Last night at The Leadmill

Taking to the Leadmill stage, this quintet showed their enthusiasm for music and putting on a good show right from the off.
When I had previously gone to see Vultures, I had to leave after only a couple of songs due to public transport and its times, so I didn't get the full extent of them and their live set capabilities. This is one thing that made me rather glad I was able to see them at Leadmill - particularly as I missed all three of their Tramlines' sets.
Despite not having been together for even a year, this band, as you can tell from their live performances have formed very close bonds with one another and this strengthens their performance as they look so together during their entire performance.
This band have so much energy within them and the passion in each member is easy to hear in their songs but is so easy to see when you see them live.
Moving from their positioned area to speakers, to the drum kit or to the floor the boys in the
band put all the space they were given last night to brilliant use.


I personally feel like last night, Vultures could not have done a better set and those who were there but didn't know about the band before their set will definitely be wanting to go and see them again.
With only one song actually released and suspected a new song release just around the corner due to the 'Stranger Things' styled hints that the band posted on the facebook page and their individual facebook pages, the set length was rather promising in terms of new songs we may be able to expect soon.

All in all the set was electric.

Vultures were definitely worth the wait to get to see properly and I am rather looking forward to seeing them again soon.

If you yet haven't got to see Vultures, you should definitely try to get to one of the following gigs that they have coming up as you won't regret it:

September 17th at The Rocking Chair, Sheffield
September 18th at the Amersham Arms, London
September 23rd at Rough Trade, Nottingham
October 15th at the Cutler's Arm's, Rotherham
October 20th at the Roadmender's, Northampton
December 10th at the Castle Hotel, Manchester

You can listen to the bands debut single 'Medusa' here:

Written by Sophie.

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