Saturday, 3 September 2016

A Live Review of Wheatley Boys at Social Bar Doncaster - 03/09/16

Wheatley Boys - photo credit to Josie Simpson
left to right - Jacob Johnson, Danny McMillan and Harry Eland
Wheatley Boys are a hip - hop/rap trio and are made up of Jacob Johnson, Danny McMillan and Harry Eland. It all started when the 3 were hungover and thought it'd be a laugh to make a rap song. After receiving a good response, they decided to put in more effort and wrote 'Thinking of You'.Having started the band as a bit of fun has spiraled into something non of them expected. 

Last night was the lads first ever gig as Wheatley Boys and were headline supporting animator and musician, Darren Devonshire (Devvo) as part of his retirement tour at Social Bar in Doncaster. It was a gig that the trio would never forget.

Their set list included - 'Thinking of You', 'Wheatley Boys' and 'R.I.P'. As soon as the band were about to start their set, I have never seen the venue so full. There were a large amount of friends there to witness a first ever live performance - one that went down a storm.

The 3 songs that were performed were full of energy and enthusiasm and the crowd showed their overwhelming support. I think the most popular song of the night was R.I.P, a song that hasn't been out for long however was a track that the majority of the crowd new the words to (even me!).

The amount of feedback I both saw and heard were so positive and believe that they have many more opportunities for the future.

- Meg x

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