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A REVIEW OF 'Aretha EP' FROM SAM BUTCHER - 14/09/2016

 SAM BUTCHER, is the Cardiff born Manchester based guitarist from the band 'Mirror Gorillas' who is currently embarking on a solo project.
 This project is one which is very different from the other musical project that Sam partakes in and is very different to the music in which I myself usually listen to.
This multi-instrumentalist / producer and I had an interview a few weeks back (which can be found here) ahead of his upcoming six track EP 'Aretha' which I have written about below!
EP Artwork.
With the other musical aspect of Sam's life (Mirror Gorillas) being one which could be described as 'indie' this project is even more unusual then it usually would seem to be.

This EP takes samples of Aretha Franklin and mixes them with more modern hip-hop and electronic sounds to create a hazy and psychedelic feel to accompany these classic jazz and soul tracks.

To do something like this and pull it off in a successful way you must be a talented musician and although I very much like Sam's band I feel this is definitely showing his full potential as a musician / music producer especially because this release was made in his bedroom.
The way in which Sam has ordered the six tracks of this EP works really rather well as they flow quite nicely into one another and it doesn't feel discontinued at all.
Very much alike the previous track in which Sam released earlier this year which was called 'Do What U Gotta Do' which samples Nina Simone's 'Do What You Gotta Do' Sam has stuck with the same style and has managed to perfect this to produce an excellent EP.
The entirety of this EP has been made purely using computer software all done by Sam himself and this is exactly what it is that shows why he has so much potential as a musician.
When Sam first approached me after I had done some review and interview things with Mirror Gorillas, I didn't expect the song to be the way it was due to the genre of the band. Also, the genre of the two members who formed the two-piece Holiday Home, when I found out Sam was now making music by himself too I was looking forward to hearing it however I was unsure if I would like the music in which Sam produced after hearing the first few seconds. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by the end of the track.
I was very happy when Sam said a few weeks back that he was going to be releasing an EP and he sent me the link to listen to them so that I could get a review done due to being a big fan of his previous track.
It is different to a lot of stuff I like but in places it does have certain similarities to bands which could be linked to being influences Mirror Gorillas such as Tame Impala and Pink Floyd so Butcher definitely links back to what he knows in some places while he strays far away from it in others.
If you are wanting to listen to something which isn't the average EP expected from someone of Sam's age and you quite like the sounds of Aretha Franklin and Nina Simone then this EP and his other tracks are definitely ones for you to listen to. When listening to this EP, you should definitely listen from start to end due to the previously mentioned fact that all of these songs link into one another.
You can listen to the 'Aretha EP' here:
 Also, Sam himself just braved the shave to raise money for Breast Cancer Care, you can donate money on the following link (even if it's just a £1, every little helps). He has so far raised a massive £615.50 and just graced your ears with some amazing remixes for free, so donate to this cause!
Written by Sophie. 

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