Tuesday, 6 September 2016

A Review of 'Rust To Gold' by Council - 06/09/16

From left to right - Patrick, Andy and Doug
Council are a rock trio band from Baldwinsville, New York. The trio are made up of all brothers; Patrick Reeves - vocals/bass, Andy Reeves - guitar and Doug Reeves - drums.

The band recently went to LA to record an EP with Grammy nominated producer, Justin Gray - who has worked with Mariah Carey and John Legend as well as 10 x Grammy nominated mixer, Mark Needham - who has worked with Imagine Dragons and The Killers and last but not least mastering legend Howie Weinberg who worked with U2 and Nirvana.
'Rust To Gold' is the bands single as part of their debut EP. I have also listened to the other 4 songs as part of the EP and loved each and everyone
When I first heard  'Rust To Gold' I instantly got a Panic! at the Disco vibe in the way the song is presented but with clear individualism from the outset. The main message I got from this is to follow your dreams however big or small they are and to not let anyone say otherwise. I think the name perceives the message really well as an achievement of reaching your dream. I think the 3 brothers work effortlessly together as their vocals/musician skills bounce off each other so well.
As well as their amazing work, being contacted by the band has been a complete pleasure and them speaking back and forth over email with such kind words and appreciation.
I look forward to hearing more from the band in the future.
Meg x

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