Thursday, 27 October 2016


The brand new debut album, No Beats In Algebra from SLF&Co is due for release by Milky Bomb Records on 18th November 2016.
No Beats In Algebra is an incredible collaboration of vocalists and musicians brought together from the hidden treasures of Blighty.  The album came together like all good, raw, authentic projects do, with nothing but a PC in a flat, in Norwich.

From listening to this eight track album, it's clear that it's influenced by so many different genres and styles from rock to electronica to trip hop, what more could you want? It's an incredibly talented creation, with nothing but a 'feel good' vibe throughout. Each track has a slightly different appeal to it, which is all part of how this album will suit anyone and everyone's personal genre preferences.

I'm going to spend some time here to rave about my favourite tracks from the project. If you're a fan of the likes of LCD Sound System and Hot Chip, this song in particular might interest you, O Romeo. O Romeo has the same style of alternative electronica that both LCD and Hot Chip have, a constant, almost futuristic electronic sound thats repetitive throughout along with unique vocals to accompany. Another notable track for me on this album is Red. This one gives off quite a Portishead vibe, if you're not familiar with Portishead, they're quite possible the royalty of trip-hop and for me, with this track in particular there is a heavy similarity between the two, the female vocals and echoing effect on her lingering words stand out like crazy.

To keep you satisfied and give you a taster of the upcoming album available from 18th November, below is Deaf Kiwi Fruit which explores a more MC/rap side to the album.

- Harriet

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