Wednesday, 26 October 2016

A Review of 'Oslo' by Palmes - 26/10/16

PALMES - from left to right - Callum, Ryan and Ash
photo credit - Alex Hirst
Palmes are a 3 piece synth pop band from Huddersfield - West Yorkshire. The band consists Ryan Smith - vocals and guitar, Ash Haworth - vocals and bass and Callum Taylor - drums.

Reading through a recent interview, the band came together about after meeting at a young age and forming a band with the previous name 'Pin Stripe'. The band wanted to 'shake things up', especially with the genre - to which they formed Palmes.

The song I listened to was 'Oslo'. As this was the first time hearing the band, I didn't know what to expect. Listening to it the first time, I mainly focused on the tune and instruments as it stood out most for me. It instantly screamed synth pop which I find great when a band can achieve the exact meaning of a genre. Having heard many songs, I found this song so unique and nothing I'v heard before. It is a genre of music that I'm really getting into. I next noticed how amazing an effortless the harmonies were - it was so calming to listen to.

Oslo is the second single since their first in May of this year. I have also listened to this and is called 'All Grey' - which I also really liked.

You can listen to both songs that are link down below -----

- Meg x

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