Saturday, 1 October 2016


Road to Rome is the lead single from the forthcoming album, Tarred and Feathered by the fresh faced duo that is Cherry Head, Cherry Heart.

Cherry Head, Cherry Heart is made up of Andy Johnson and Naomi Lowe, this pair have recently started to get more serious about their music and have continued to build a reputation int he North East with quite a few of their own self-produced EPs and a lo-fi debut album, 'Chihuahua Deluxe' which secured their name as being a tight, energetic live acoustic band.

After being given the pleasure of a pre-release listen of their new track, 'Road to Rome', I've got to say this track truly has a super tight rhythm and twangy guitar that leaves you humming it for hours in your head after. (Oh and despite what people may say in regards to the lyrics, its definitely NOT a Christmas song!)

The album Tarred and Feathered, due for limited local release for fans on 14th October and full-blown international release next year, promises to be deliciously diverse, richly detailed and genuinely like nothing else you've ever heard. So, if I were you, I'd keep my ears and eyes peeled for the future Cherry Head, Cherry Heart explosion.

You can pre-order an EP here including non-album tracks and bonus material.
Road to Rome is to be released through Shoebox Records on 7th October on all your favourite digital music sites, such as, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify.

Written by Harriet

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