Wednesday, 12 October 2016


DIAMOND WHITE RIOTS - photo credit to Taylor Photography
DIAMOND WHITE RIOTS from Doncaster are an indie / alternative four-piece.
Consisting of James Bull (vocals & rhythm guitar), Dan Sweed (lead guitar), Brandon Clark (bass guitar) and Harry Phillipson (drums / percussion) recently released a video to occupy the second track their debut EP.
This EP is available to stream on Spotify and download on iTunes. I was asked by the band to review this release!

At The Leopard, Doncaster - photo credit to Taylor Photography
This five-track EP from Diamond White Riots consists of; Lady In Blood, Wall Part One, Wall Part Two, Dirty Drinks and Jukebox & Bathroom Locks.
Lady In Blood immediately begins with the raspy vocals of Bull and these are joined by the increasingly powerful instrumentals. This is something which is reciprocated throughout the entire EP.
Wall Part One and Wall Part Two carry on so perfectly from one another so the names are just fitting. The whole EP is consistent due to all of the tracks being so similar in both sounds and the themes of the songs.
Dirty Drinks however does change the general sound of EP up a little bit throughout its intro, due to their being no vocals and just a rather melodic sounding riff.
Jukebox & Bathroom Locks keeps up with the change due to a melodic beginning. The vocals remaining just as raspy and raw filled with the accent of the lead man.
The whole EP is one which I feel that Diamond White Riots should be really proud with themselves about.
Due to their sound being mainly the same for the majority of the five-track EP I can't help but feel like this band know exactly what sound they want and they probably have done for a rather long time.
There is a rawness behind each and every song which works really well for this band and I hope this is something they don't lose in their future releases.
Written by Sophie.

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