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The boys of the band at Y-Not Fest - photo credit to the relevant individual
From left to right - Ollie, Charlie and Matt.
ADELPHI are another band which I saw at this years Tramlines at Frog & Parrot however this was the first time I had seen the band live and I thought they were pretty amazing, I will now be seeing them again at AMP Live Festival which I am very much looking forward to.
This three-piece from Sheffield consisting of Matt Longden (guitar & vocals), Oliver King (vocals & guitar) and Charlie Bentham (bass) as well as Richard Hunter on drums for their live shows, this band formed back in 2014.

Shortly after they released their first track 'Hip shaker' and this was described by Indiependent as 'upbeat and truly rock and roll'. Following this the band began gaining a fan base and played an array of local shows.

 The band have had support slots with the likes of Frankie and the Heartstrings and The Ordinary Boys. They also (as pictured above) got to play a matchday performance at City Square Stage at Manchester City's Etihad Stadium.

This year they played such festivals as Y-NOT and Tramlines.
I got the chance to interview them prior to their set at the AMP Live Festival:
ADELPHI playing City Square Stage - photo credit to the relevant individual.
How was it that you all first met?
Charlie: 'I knew him from school (Ollie).'
Ollie: 'Yeah we knew each other from school so from being about 14 / 15 and happy as Larry. We were in a pop-punk band and we were very young and very foolish. Then I met Matt when I came back from uni so when we were about 21 / 22. I'm 25 now and he's 26 and we've been together ever since.'
Where did the name 'Adelphi' come from?
Charlie: 'Something to do with a cinema isn't it?'
Ollie: 'Yeah, its an abandoned cinema and nightclub in Attercliffe where I work form 5-9 Monday to Friday. We needed a name and I was on the phone to Matt at the time and we just couldn't be bothered to think of a name anymore because when you have been in so many bands and get to your 3rd or 4th your a bit like 'I'm a bit over this now' I'll just name it 'cup of tea' or something. I was out doing a job and I pulled up at the traffic lights and Mat said 'what are we going to be called then?' I then looked to the right and the cinema 'Adelphi' was there, job done. Mstt said it was alright as well so that was a bit of a winner.' 
What was it that made you all want to start making music?
Matt: 'For me it was just growing up in High Green and obviously the Arctic Monkeys did it and I lived five minutes away from them and there was this attitude of 'if they can do it, why can't anyone else?' and then there was Milburn from down  the road. Obviously with me being from Sheffield I have tried to steer away from writing material like theirs. It just started with me playing with mates and getting mates to parties and stuff like that, it's a bit different now though because we don't do it particularly for anymore.'
Charlie: 'One day Ollie said 'do you want to be in band' when he heard me playing pop-punk on my bass. Green Day, they made me want to be in a band. I don't even listen to them anymore.'

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? If so, what are they?
Ollie: 'We have a thing now were we all shake our hands together before we go on, I think Richard started that off. I usually use the facilities so to speak before any gig we play.'
Matt: 'We don't really have any do we?'
Ollie: 'No. In fact, our ritual is keep Matt sober. That's like walking a tight-rope, if it tips off one side it's all downhill.'
How are you looking forward to your set at AMP Live Fest today?
Ollie: 'I'm very much looking forward to it. We haven't practised in about a week. We did a gig in York last Saturday but we've not practised since then but I think we'll be alright. We like The Rocking Chair, we played here last April and sold it out. It is very sweaty and very hot.'
Matt: 'We always get Paul Tuffs on sound too and he is great. He does it well/'
For those who haven't heard of many or any of the bands from the AMP Live Fest line-up, who would you recommend they listen to?
Matt: 'JUDAS.'
Ollie: 'Yeah JUDAS, just JUDAS. They're incredible. Glass Caves are great.'
Matt: 'I Kept The Wolves Away are great too.'
Ollie: 'Yeah, JUDAS, Glass Caves and I Kept The Wolves Away are all amazing.'
Which up and coming bands / artists are you listening to?
Matt: 'JUDAS, I Kept The Wolves Away.'
Charlie: 'Red Faces.'
Ollie: 'Bang Bang Romeo, they're nearly on the brink. Every Animal On Earth too, they are incredible. They don't gig very much but we think they're great.'
Do you prefer your own shows or festival sets? Why?
Ollie: 'Apart from Tramlines we've only ever played one proper festival which was Y Not. Personally I prefer songs where you get a proper sound check.'
Matt: 'Obviously at Y-Not I loved it because everyone there enjoyed themselves and we didn't know any of them. Though when we play our own gigs we love selling out places like this. They are both different aren't they.'
What do you think makes a good gig?
Matt: 'This.' (promoter walks in with box of beer)
Ollie: 'What makes a good gig is a promoter who brings you beer like Aaron.'
Charlie: 'People singing along to our songs and knowing the words. I love that.'
Ollie: 'Yeah you spend years playing to no one in bars so when people begin singing your songs even if its just one person it's great. People who buy merch as well.'
Throughout the rest of 2016 and the beginning of 2017, what can we expect from Adelphi?
Ollie: 'When we get our act together we will be releasing a single and shall be playing a few local few entry gigs.
Matt: 'The single is recorded and everything.'
Ollie: 'We will hopefully if in 2017 booking more festivals and more gigs.'
 You can listen to the band's latest release below:
 Written by Sophie.

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