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GENGAHR - photo credit to Hollie Fernando.
GENGAHR are a four-piece alternative / psyche-pop band who formed in Hackney, London back in 2013.
Originally called RES, this band consisting of Felix Bushe (vocals and guitar), John Victor (guitar and backing vocals), Hugh Schulte (bass) and Danny Ward (drums) changed their name after discovering that there was already a band on iTunes with the name RES.
The new name (Gengahr) came from their own take on the one of the original Pokémon, Gengar.
They released their debut album 'A Dream Outside' was released on the 15th June 2015. Before this, the first single from Gengahr named 'Filled My Gums With Blood' received airplay on BBC Radio 1 during a show of the DJ Huw Stephens.
Following the Radio 1 debut, in 2014 the band got invited to play the Introducing Stage of Glastonbury.
More recently the band supported Alt-J on their 02 Academy tour.
Now, the band are about to head off on their UK tour. Ahead of this I got to have a chat with the bands guitarist, John.

The boys of the band - photo credit to Hollie Fernando.
From left to right - Hugh, John, Danny and Felix.
This UK tour will see you play 19 dates, how are you feeling about it?
Not too long, not too short. It's going to be great, we get to play loads of places we've never been before. We've only played Glasgow in Scotland so looking forward to seeing the other cities, same with a lot of places in England.

Do you have any pre-gig rituals? if so, what are they?

Just really boring stuff involving warming up so we don't suck completely. Hugh (bass) has a very involved drinking regime where he has beers staggered over different time intervals, proper freaks out if he doesn't have a small beer 30 mins pre gig.
Your tour starts in Sheffield at Bungalows and Bears, what are your fondest memories of Sheffield? (If you have any)

I think we only played there once so I'm looking forward to creating some memories of Sheffield. In my old band we played Sheffield and met a very drunk man in a pub who fixed one of our guitars and saved our tour. Lovely bloke, would not shut up about Sheffield United.
Which song of yours gets the best reception at gigs?

Probably either She's A Witch or Fill My Gums With Blood. Bristol last year we had kids crowd surfing to she's a witch, unexpected. I also enjoyed when they started chanting the Eastenders theme song at us.

What's the best place you've ever played?

Probably the 02 arena with alt j but only because when people question my life choices about playing music that usually shuts them up for a bit.

What is it that you like about touring?

I enjoy that it doesn't feel like the real world, time seems to change and all the days merge into one and the only thing that really sticks out are the different gigs. Or maybe I just need to drink a bit less.

The tour poster for this upcoming Gengahr tour.
Do you prefer festivals or your own tours? Why?

I prefer our own tours just because if you have a bad gig you can get it out of your system the next day. Bad show at a festivals lingers around for a lot longer.
I saw on your Twitter that someone (@bag_of_bones) got a tattoo of 'Where I Lie' from your debut album, A Dream Outside. How does people getting things so permanent that related to your music feel?
I have a black flag tattoo from when I wanted to impress slaves and be a punk. That's a crap joke, I was actually trying to impress a girl which is a far worse reason. Anyway, it feels like a proper honour. The working title for that song was 'monster' so I'm glad we changed it.
When searching you guys on Twitter multiple Gengahr fan accounts came up, how does the fact that there are entire Twitter accounts dedicated to you feel?
Huge pressure to do something worthy of the accounts. 
What was the reception like for your debut album?
Great, got loads of good reviews which aloud me to live me dream of being a critically successful but commercially unviable artist.
Your last release was your album, 'A Dream Outside' which was released over a year ago. Are there any new tracks in the pipeline of which we can expect soon?
Oh yeah, we've got the new album all recorded and ready to go minus mixing. So we'll be playing most of it live but only a few new ones a night so no one gets super bored.

The London date of your tour just sold out, how does it feel to have sold out a gig in the capital city and the place you're from?

 Amazing! The first London show we played and people came to I couldn't believe it, that will never get old.
 Written by Sophie.

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