Saturday, 19 November 2016

A review of 'Starry Nights' by Ben Wright - 19/11/16

Starry Nights - Single artwork
Ben Wright is a solo singer/songwriter from Manchester. His music style ranges from folk/pop with blues and rock influences, especially in the guitar style. 
His newest and first single released through SoundHub Records is called 'Starry Nights' - the inspiration behind this song is from Ben travelling and sleeping in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand.

I had the chance to listen to this and also watch the music video.

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this song, Ben's voice is very pure and real and the song is stripped back of over produced tunes, just him and his guitar.

Knowing the meaning behind this song beforehand meant that I could imagine the thoughts and feelings that went through Ben's mind at the time of him writing this.

The song is so full of energy and instantly lifts your spirits.

I also really enjoyed the music video as it was so simple but fit with what the song is about - again being pure and stripped back with Ben, his guitar and the beautiful scenery.

- Meg x

'Starry Nights' is available to purchase on all major platforms.

Check out the music video!


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